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  December 05, 2016 Mini-Circuits Achieves Total Defect Rate Less than 3 DPPM for 3Q 2016
Mini-Circuits is proud to announce that we have achieved a defect rate of less than 3 DPPM over millions of units shipped in the third quarter of 2016.
  August 25, 2016 Free Webinar: Specifying Flexible Building Blocks for Automated Production Test Systems
Wednesday, September 7th, 11:00 AM EST on Presented by Lee Whiting, Applications Manager, Mini-Circuits.
  August 15, 2016 Mini-Circuits is Proud to Sponsor the University of South Florida’s WAMI Center for the 19th Consecutive Year
Annual needs-based donation of components and hardware supports student projects and faculty research. Mini-Circuits is deeply committed to supporting academic institutions in cultivating the next generation of intellectual talent in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering.
  July 27, 2016 Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in Microwave Product Digest
Mini-Circuits has published a new technical article in Microwave Product Digest describing how our VAEQ-1220-75+ 75Ω voltage variable equalizer can be used to compensate for frequency-dependent cable loss and amplifier gain variations in CATV systems.
  July 25, 2016 Mini-Circuits Publishes Block Diagrams Illustrating Popular Models in Common System Architectures
Explore the new “Block Diagrams” page in the Applications section of our website to see recommended Mini-Circuits components in common system architectures from phased array transceivers to QAM modulators and many more.
  May 05, 2016 Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in Microwave Product Digest
New technical article in Microwave Product Digest presents application circuits enabling 75Ω high-dynamic-range MMIC amplifier, PGA-122-75+ to be used in CATV upstream and downstream bandwidths.
  March 16, 2016 Free Webinar: RF and Microwave Filters Wednesday, March 23rd, 11:00 AM EST on Presented by Dr. Bob Froelich, Besser Associates and proudly sponsored by Mini-Circuits.
  March 15, 2016 Mini-Circuits Publishes New Article in Microwave Product Digest Mini-Circuits has published a new technical article in Microwave Product Digest describing a heat sink design to increase power handling in surface mount components.
  February 19, 2016 Mini-Circuits to Exhibit at SATELLITE 2016 Mini-Circuits will exhibit our selection of products supporting SatCom applications at the SATELLITE 2016 conference, held at the Gaylord National Convention Center, National Harbor, MD, March 7-10, 2016. Get free exhibit hall access, and come see use at Booth #123!
  February 01, 2016 New Compact Modular Test Systems Built Your Way – Specify Your Configuration Online! To give you more flexibility for your test setup, Mini-Circuits has expanded our popular line of modular test systems. The new RCM-series of compact modular test systems offers three customizable hardware windows in a lightweight, half-rack sized chassis. Specify your configuration online for a fast quote and very fast turnaround!
  January 15, 2016 RF Electronics Blogger KF5OBS Produces Instructional Videos Using Mini-Circuits Products RF electronics engineering blogger KF5OBS has produced a series of informative online demos, tutorials, and short lectures using Mini-Circuits products. The video content is now available to view from the “Webinars” section of the Mini-Circuits website.
  December 28, 2015 Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil Interviewed by Microwave Product Digest Microwave Product Digest recently interviewed Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil on market conditions and applications to watch for the RF and Microwave industry in 2016.
  December 24, 2015 Mini-Circuits’ Brooklyn Facilities Receive ISO 14001 Recertification Mini-Circuits’ Brooklyn facilities have been recommended for ISO 14001 recertification following a 3.5 day audit of the company’s environmental processes. Mini-Circuits remains committed to sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility
  December 18, 2015 Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in High Frequency Electronics Mini-Circuits has published a new article in the December issue of High Frequency Electronics providing a tutorial on techniques for improving impedance mismatch on your PCB.
  December 11, 2015 Mini-Circuits’ Ultra-Wideband MMIC LNA Featured on the Cover of HF Praxis Germany The editors of German microwave industry trade publication, HF Praxis have selected Mini-Circuits PMA3-83LN+ ultra-wideband low noise MMIC amplifier for the cover feature of their December issue.
  December 7, 2015 Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in Microwave Product Digest Mini-Circuits has published a new technical article in Microwave Product Digest describing a method of biasing push-pull amplifiers without the need for bias tees at the amplifier output.
  December 3, 2015 New Model Dashboard Feature Allows Download of All Model Documentation in a Single PDF Don’t waste time gathering model information from different places!  A new feature on Mini-Circuits’ online technical dashboard pages consolidates all model documentation into a single PDF with one click!
  December 1, 2015 HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: 10% OFF ALL ONLINE PURCHASES THROUGHOUT DECEMBER! We’re giving you 10% off all purchases of any quantity of any Mini-Circuits catalog model ordered and shipped from our web store from December 1st – 31st! Happy holidays from all of us at Mini-Circuits! Terms and conditions apply.
  November 25, 2015 PREVIEW CONTENT New Application Note Illustrates Advantages of Cascading Reflectionless Filters New application note AN-75-008 presents test results showing how cascading reflectionless filters allows enhancement of stopband rejection and steepness in the transition band without unwanted effects observed when conventional filters are cascaded.
  November 17, 2015 Microwaves & RF Magazine Features Mini-Circuits’ New EP-Series Ultra-Wideband MMIC Splitter/Combiners Mini-Circuits’ new EP2K+ and EP2K1+ ultra-wideband MMIC splitter/combiners have been recognized in the November issue of Microwaves & RF magazine in a feature article by technical contributor, Jack Browne. These new models offer the widest bandwidth coverage in a single model in the industry.
  October 28, 2015 New Application Note Illustrates Advantages of Pairing Mixers with Reflectionless Filters New application note AN-75-007 presents test results showing how pairing mixers with reflectionless filters significantly improves system performance.
  October 27, 2015 Mini-Circuits Publishes DOCSIS® 3.1 Product Guide New 116-page DOCSIS® Product Guide provides detailed information on Mini-Circuits’ product portfolio for the next generation of CATV and broadband applications.
  October 27, 2015 MINI-CIRCUITS TO SPONSOR IEEE COMCAS 2015 Mini- Circuits is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, and Electronic Systems, being held at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2-4, 2015. To find out more and to register visit:
  October 22, 2015 PASSIVE COMPONENTS: DIVIDERS, COUPLERS, COMBINERS: A FREE WEBINAR Tuesday, November 17th at: 8am PT/11am ET/ 4pm UTC sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal.
  October 08, 2015 Free Webinar: VCO Fundamentals Tuesday, October 13th at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm UTC on proudly sponsored by Mini-Circuits
  September 18, 2015 Instant Quote Documents from Mini-Circuits’ Webstore Facilitate Purchasing Processes Mini-Circuits’ webstore shopping cart page now features a “Produce a Quote” feature that instantly converts the line items in your shopping cart into a formal quote document to support your purchasing process!
  August 14, 2015 Mini Circuits Publishes MMIC Amplifiers Product Line Overview Mini-Circuits’ new MMIC Amplifiers Product Line Overview showcases our extensive MMIC amplifier product portfolio, comprising over 170 models from DC to 26.5 GHz.
  June 22, 2015 Mini-Circuits Presents Extensive Portfolio of Products for DOCSIS® 3.1 Systems and Equipment To support customers developing the next generation of technologies for CATV systems, Mini-Circuits has expanded our product portfolio to include over 60 models designed and carefully specified to meet the performance requirements of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.
  May 15, 2015 Mini-Circuits’ Online VCO Spec Checklist Enables Quick and Easy Custom VCO Requests Mini-Circuits’ online custom VCO spec checklist allows customers to specify the exact performance parameters required for their designs and submit a request for proposal. Just fill out the checklist and click “Submit” for a fast response!
  May 12, 2015 Mini-Circuits Launches Free Microwave Calculator Mobile App for Android™ Users! Mini-Circuits’ new Microwave Calculator app for Android mobile devices gives engineers a quick and easy tool to perform three common calculations on the fly: the effect of VSWR/return loss on transmitted power; cascaded noise figure; and power to voltage conversion.
  May 8, 2015 NRAO and Mini-Circuits Forge New Partnership to Enable Commercial Development of Cascadable Absorptive RF Filters Radio astronomy technology transfer licensing agreement permits the use of novel NRAO-developed RF filter technology in a new suite of commercial electronics products.
  May 4, 2015 Mini-Circuits Launches New RF Test Solutions Web Content
Mini-Circuits' has expanded its website with a new section showcasing our innovative line of rack-mounted RF test and measurement solutions. Configure modular test systems online using our interactive dashboard for a quote within 1 business day and delivery within 2 weeks or less!
  January 30, 2015 Valentine's Day Special! Big Discounts on Wideband Class-A Amplifiers All February!
We love our customers, and to celebrate Valentine's Day, throughout the month of February all orders for any quantity of selected amplifier models placed through our web store will receive deep discounts!
  January 09, 2015 Ted Heil succeeds Harvey Kaylie as the second President in Mini-Circuits’ forty-six-year history.
Mini-Circuits is very pleased to announce that Ted Heil, Mini-Circuits Vice President and Chief Operations Officer has been appointed as President...
  November 26, 2014 HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: 10% OFF ONLINE PURCHASES THROUGHOUT DECEMBER! Throughout the month of December, we’re giving you 10% off all orders of any quantity of any Mini-Circuits catalog model from our web store. Happy holidays from all of us at Mini-Circuits!
  Oct.. 01, 2014 Free Webinar: VCO Fundamentals Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET on proudly sponsored by Mini-Circuits.
  Sep. 10, 2014 Mini-Circuits Publishes Custom Rack Mount Test Equipment Guide New 52-page, full color publication showcases a wide selection of Mini-Circuits’ custom rack-mount test solutions, the capabilities they offer, and some of the applications they currently serve.
  August 28, 2014 FREE WEBINAR: ACCELERATING CUSTOM TEST SOLUTIONS Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT, sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal.
  August 5, 2014 LTCC Low Pass Filter Family Provides Pass Bands up to 13.25 GHz in Tiny 0603 Packages Mini-Circuits new LFCW-family of LTCC low pass filters provides pass bands up to 13.25 GHz and handles power up to 12 Watts!
  June 9, 2014 Low Noise Bypass Amplifier Achieves Industry-Leading Performance from 0.5 – 5 GHz with flat gain, high dynamic range, and internal bypass switch to handle both low and high signal levels.
  March 11, 2014 New Mini-Circuits SATCOM Product Guide Published in Print and Online!  This 32-page publication features a full survey of components and assemblies for satellite and earth station systems with key performance parameters and more!
  March 5, 2014 Check Out Our Reference Design Index: Mini-Circuits Models Supporting Over 80 Integrated Circuits! Mini-Circuits has created an online index of more than 80 integrated silicon reference designs and corresponding recommended Mini-Circuits models.
  January 15, 2014 FREE HIGH-ACCURACY SIMULATION MODELS Partnership with Modelithics gives customers free, advanced simulation models for over twenty Mini-Circuits LTCC filters and surface mount attenuators.
  November 11, 2013 Mini-Circuits Joins National Effort to Promote Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
Tuesday, November 19th at 11:00 AM EDT
  October 17, 2013 Mini-Circuits Members Turn Out in Numbers at 2013 Step Out to Fight Diabetes Walk


Visit the Applications section of our website for access to a new library of informative webinars for RF industry professionals, engineers, and students!
Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT, sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal..
September 17th, 2013 at 11:00 AM Speaker, Ted Heil, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mini-Circuits Register today at Microwave Journal.
Partnership with Modelithics® to Bring Customers Best-in-Class Performance Models
  June 24, 2013 Mini-Circuits' PMA2-33LN+ low-noise amplifier (LNA) impresses industry analyst
In a MicroWaves & RF feature article, technical contributor Jack Brown is highly impressed with the PMA2-33LN+ LNA’s 0.37-dB noise figure at 900 MHz.
  April 5, 2013 Mini-Circuits and Modelithics Partner to provide RF & MW Attenuator Models
Brooklyn, New York and Tampa, Florida , Mini-Circuits and Modelithics, Inc. have agreed to collaborate in the development of high-accuracy EDA simulation models of Mini-Circuits’ surface-mount microwave precision fixed attenuators YAT and RCAT, series.
  April 5, 2013 Mini-Circuits' Attenuators achieve industry recognition
DC to 18 GHz, surface-mount YAT series fixed attenuators take center stage in thi Microwaves & RF magazine cover story: "Tiny Attenuators Set Levels to 18 GHz".
  July 23, 2012 Mini-Circuits Announces 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Portable Test Equipment! We’ve had so many requests for samples and “demo units” of our Portable Test Equipment (PTE), we had to find another way to get them in everyone’s hands—as quickly and fairly as possible...
  June 8, 2012 Mini-Circuits Congratulates our Newest Doctor of Science!
Mini-Circuits members worldwide are proud to announce that Harvey Kaylie, founder and President of Mini-Circuits, has been named Doctor of Science, honoris causa, by the City College of New York!
  May 16, 2012 Join us for a Free Besser Webinar—Mixers and Frequency Conversion! On Tuesday, May 22 at 11 am EDT, IEEE Life Fellow Allen Podell will be presenting a live webinar on Mixers and Frequency Conversion, and you’re invited! Mini-Circuits, Microwave Journal and Besser Associates have teamed up to make this free for all.
  April 16, 2012 Mini-Circuits Extends Global Distribution Network to India, with! Building on our successful model of local distribution centers in the US, UK, and Taiwan, Mini-Circuits is proud to announce that we’re expanding our global network...
  Feb. 20, 2012 Free Webinar: Mini-Circuits Smart Portable Test Equipment, March 13, 2012 You’re invited! For a close-up look at Mini-Circuits Smart Portable Test Equipment, from synthesized signal generators, switch matrices, frequency counters, and power sensors to purpose-built, high-speed, integrated solutions, just register here for free at Microwave Journal!..
  Feb. 02, 2012 Mini-Circuits MAC Ceramic Hermetic Mixers “Break Cost/Performance Barrier” The outstanding electrical performance and ultra-reliable ceramic hermetic construction of Mini-Circuits MAC mixers are drawing a lot of attention, and are now featured on the cover of Microwaves & RF!....