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December 30, 2015
Wideband Splitter/Combiners Feature SMP Connectors and Ultra-Thin Package Mini-Circuits’ new ZN2PD-622SMP+ and ZB3PD-63SMP+ 2- and 3-way in-phase power splitter/combiners provide wideband performance in ultra-thin and feature SMP snap-on blind mate connectors and ultra-thin cases, saving space in crowded system layouts.

December 28, 2015
Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil Interviewed by Microwave Product Digest Microwave Product Digest recently interviewed Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil on market conditions and applications to watch for the RF and Microwave industry in 2016.

December 24, 2015
Mini-Circuits’ Brooklyn Facilities Receive ISO 14001 Recertification Mini-Circuits’ Brooklyn facilities have been recommended for ISO 14001 recertification following a 3.5 day audit of the company’s environmental processes. Mini-Circuits remains committed to sustainable business practices and environmental responsibility.

December 23, 2015
Tiny MMIC Directional Couplers Provide 4W Power Handling with Low Mainline Loss Mini-Circuits’ new D-Series of MMIC directional couplers includes 4 models with 4W power handling, low mainline loss and good directivity in tiny 3.1 x 3.0 x 1.6mm packages!

December 18, 2015
Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in High Frequency Electronics Mini-Circuits has published a new article in the December issue of High Frequency Electronics providing a tutorial on techniques for improving impedance mismatch on your PCB.

December 15, 2015
Surface Mount Bi-Directional Couplers Handle up to 100W Power from 50 to 6000 MHz
Mini-Circuits has added six new models to our SCBD series of surface-mount, bi-directional couplers with RF input power handling up to 100W, very low mainline loss, and high directivity in a tiny device size.

December 11, 2015
Mini-Circuits’ Ultra-Wideband MMIC LNA Featured on the Cover of HF Praxis Germany
The editors of German microwave industry trade publication, HF Praxis have selected Mini-Circuits PMA3-83LN+ ultra-wideband low noise MMIC amplifier for the cover feature of their December issue.

December 11, 2015
New USB/Ethernet Programmable Attenuator Covers Applications up to 8 GHz! Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-8000-30 expands the frequency coverage of our line of pocket-sized USB/Ethernet programmable attenuators from 1 to 8000 MHz with an attenuation range from 0 to 30 dB in 0.25 dB steps.

December 10, 2015
Tiny MMIC Switches Provide 3W Power Handling and High IP3 in 2x2mm Packages Mini-Circuits’ has expanded our JSW-series of tiny MMIC switches with new SP3T, SP4T, SP5T and high-dynamic-range SPDT models to meet your signal routing needs for a wide variety of 50Ω and 75Ω systems from 5 to 3000 MHz.

December 8, 2015
New Coaxial 2-, 3-, and 4-Way Splitter/Combiners Provide High Power and Low Loss To give you more options and more capabilities, Mini-Circuits has released 6 new connectorized splitter/combiner models covering bands spanning 150 to 18000 MHz with power handling up to 30W and low loss!

December 7, 2015
Mini-Circuits Publishes New Technical Article in Microwave Product Digest Mini-Circuits has published a new technical article in Microwave Product Digest describing a method of biasing push-pull amplifiers without the need for bias tees at the amplifier output.

December 4, 2015
Broadband Limiter Provides Limiting Range of +10 to +37 dBm from 20 to 4000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ZFLM-43-5W+ broadband coaxial limiter provides a wide limiting range with +12 dBm output power leakage, 33ns recovery time, and 0.36 dB insertion loss to protect sensitive circuits from unwanted signals in hostile environments.

December 3, 2015
New Model Dashboard Feature Allows Download of All Model Documentation in a Single PDF Don’t waste time gathering model information from different places! A new feature on Mini-Circuits’ online technical dashboard pages consolidates all model documentation into a single PDF with one click!

December 3, 2015
USB/Ethernet Dual SP6T Switch Matrices Support Signal Routing from DC to 12 GHz Mini-Circuits’ RC-2SP6T-A12 switch matrix provides two extra-long life, electromechanical, absorptive SP6T switches in one compact case with USB and Ethernet control options.  User-friendly GUI software, DLLs for programmers, and all accessories come included for immediate use right out of the box!

December 2, 2015
Ultra-Flexible Test Cables Deliver Stable Performance vs. Flexure from DC to 18 GHz Mini-Circuits’ new ULC-series ultra-flexible test cables support a wide range of test applications with low insertion loss, excellent VSWR, and minimal performance change versus flexure in bend radii as tight as 2.0 inches!

December 1, 2015
HOLIDAY DISCOUNT: 10% OFF ALL ONLINE PURCHASES THROUGHOUT DECEMBER! We’re giving you 10% off all purchases of any quantity of any Mini-Circuits catalog model ordered and shipped from our web store from December 1st – 31st! Happy holidays from all of us at Mini-Circuits! Terms and conditions apply.

November 30, 2015
DC-Isolated Surface-Mount Transformer Supports Applications from 100 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new TC4-13TX+ surface-mount DC isolated transformer provides a 4:1 impedance ratio with 0.6 dB insertion loss, 0.5 dB amplitude unbalance, and 9˚ phase unbalance.

November 25, 2015
New Application Note Illustrates Advantages of Cascading Reflectionless Filters New application note AN-75-008 presents test results showing how cascading reflectionless filters allows enhancement of stopband rejection and steepness in the transition band without unwanted effects observed when conventional filters are cascaded.

November 24, 2015
6-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Handles 100W Power with Low Loss from 650 to 2750 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ZN6PD-272HP+ 6-Way 0° splitter/combiner handles up to 100W RF input power as a splitter with 0.9 dB insertion loss, supporting a wide range of high-power signal distribution applications including L-Band, WiMAX, LTE and more!

November 23, 2015
1W Drop-in Amplifier Module Covers 650 to 1200 MHz with Flat Gain and High Dynamic Range
Mini-Circuits’ TAMP-112-2W+ drop-in amplifier module provides 31 dB gain with ±1.0 dB gain flatness, +30 dBm P1dB, 2.8 dB noise figure, +41 dBm OIP3 and electronic On/Off control.

November 20, 2015
Coaxial Medium Power Amplifier Delivers High Gain and High IP3 from 10 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new ZHL-2-8+ medium power connectorized amplifier provides +30 dBm output power at 3 dB compression point, 34 dB gain, and +42 dBm IP3 from for a wide range of system and test applications.

November 18, 2015
DC-Isolated Surface-Mount Transformer Handles 12.5W RF Power from 10 to 60 MHz Mini-Circuits’ SYTX2-61HP+ high-power surface-mount transformer handles up to 12.5W RF input power with 0.3 dB insertion loss, 0.2 dB amplitude unbalance, and 3˚ phase unbalance in a miniature, shielded package.

November 17, 2015
Microwaves & RF Magazine Features Mini-Circuits’ New EP-Series Ultra-Wideband MMIC Splitter/Combiners Mini-Circuits’ new EP2K+ and EP2K1+ ultra-wideband MMIC splitter/combiners have been recognized in the November issue of Microwaves & RF magazine in a feature article by technical contributor, Jack Browne. These new models offer the widest bandwidth coverage in a single model in the industry.

November 13, 2015
Ultra-Wideband 50Ω 2.92mm Male Termination Covers DC to 40 GHz! Mini-Circuits’ ANNE-50K+ ultra-wideband 50Ω 2.92mm male termination is capable of absorbing RF input signals up to 1W from DC to 40 GHz with outstanding return loss >20 dB through 40 GHz and >30 dB through 26.5 GHz!

November 12, 2015
New Ceramic MMIC Amplifiers Give You More Options for Hi-Rel Applications Our CMA family of ceramic, hermetically sealed MMIC amplifiers is growing! Three new models give you more options to meet your needs for Hi-Rel applications from DC to 7 GHz.

November 10, 2015
Triple Balanced Level 17 Mixer Provides High IP3 from 100 to 1910 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ADE-192H+ mixer provides +23 dBm IP3, +17 dBm P1dB compression and 8.6 dB conversion loss for applications from 100 to 1910 MHz.

November 09, 2015
Coaxial Amplifier Provides High IP3 and Medium Power from 10 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-2+ connectorized amplifier achieves 20 dB gain with ±0.9 dB gain flatness, +30 dBm output power, and +42 dBm IP3 for a variety of applications.

November 06, 2015
Reflectionless Filters Designer’s Kits Support Testing and Performance Evaluation for Your System Mini-Circuits’ reflectionless filters designer’s kits provide added value and utility for engineers evaluating filter performance for their systems. Three different kits offer a variety of models at an economical value to meet your needs.

November 04, 2015
Tiny Wideband Transmission Line Transformer Covers Applications from 1700 to 6700 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new TCM2-672X+ surface-mount transformer provides 2:1 impedance ratio, 1.1 dB insertion loss, and power handling up to 0.4W from 1700 to 6700 MHz.

November 03, 2015
Wideband Instrument Amplifier Provides High IP3 and Flat Gain from 500 to 4200 MHz The TVA-4W-422A+ instrument amplifier provides +44 dBm IP3, 70 dB reverse isolation and ±1 dB gain flatness from 500 to 4200 MHz. The amplifier features a built-in 110/220V AC power supply and protection against over-temperature and open and short loads.

October 30, 2015
New MMIC Amplifier Provides High Directivity from 0.5 to 2.5 GHz Mini-Circuits’ MNA-6A+ MMIC amplifier provides directivity from 13 to 22 dB, 2.7 dB noise figure and output power up to +20 dBm in a tiny 3x3mm QFN package.

October 28, 2015
New Application Note Illustrates Advantages of Pairing Mixers with Reflectionless Filters New application note AN-75-007 presents test results showing how pairing mixers with reflectionless filters significantly improves system performance.

October 27, 2015
Mini-Circuits Publishes DOCSIS® 3.1 Product Guide New 116-page DOCSIS® Product Guide provides detailed information on Mini-Circuits’ product portfolio for the next generation of CATV and broadband applications.

October 27, 2015
MINI-CIRCUITS TO SPONSOR IEEE COMCAS 2015 Mini- Circuits is pleased to be a Platinum Sponsor of the 2015 IEEE Conference on Microwaves, Communications, Antennas, and Electronic Systems, being held at the David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel, November 2-4, 2015. To find out more and to register visit:

October 22, 2015
New USB/Ethernet Programmable Attenuator Handles up to 2W RF Input Power Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-3000-63W2+ pocket-sized USB/Ethernet controlled programmable attenuator gives users precise attenuation control from 0 to 63 dB in 1 dB steps for input signals up to 2W from 50 to 3000 MHz.

October 22, 2015
PASSIVE COMPONENTS: DIVIDERS, COUPLERS, COMBINERS: A FREE WEBINAR Tuesday, November 17th at: 8am PT/11am ET/ 4pm UTC sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal.

October 19, 2015
New 75Ω Voltage Variable Equalizer Supports DOCSIS® 3.1 System Requirements Mini-Circuits’ new VAEQ-1220-75+ surface mount voltage variable equalizer allows precise attenuation slope control for 75Ω systems from 50 to 1220 MHz, ideal for compensating for cable losses without the need to measure cable lengths on-site.

October 14, 2015
Reflectionless Filters Improve System Linearity and Dynamic Range - Now Available! Mini-Circuits’ revolutionary new X-series of reflectionless filters eliminate signal reflections and enable dramatic improvements in system performance. These patented designs are perfect for pairing with sensitive devices such as mixers, multipliers, high gain amplifiers and more!

October 13, 2015
Wideband 0.5W MMIC Amplifier Die Covers 13 to 26.5 GHz Mini-Circuits’ AVM-273HP-D+ ultra-wideband MMIC amplifier die delivers up to 0.5W output power with 58 dB active directivity across 13 to 26.5 GHz. Available off the shelf in 10, 50 and 100 KGD gel paks!

October 13, 2015
Ultra-Wideband Microwave MMIC Amplifier Covers 5 to 20 GHz with Flat Gain Mini-Circuits’ new AVA-24A+ ultra-wideband microwave MMIC amplifier delivers saturated output power up to +18.3 dBm with 12.3 dB gain and ±1.3 dB gain flatness across the entire 5 to 20 GHz frequency range.

October 12, 2015
Ultra-Wideband MMIC LNA Achieves 1.3 dB NF across 0.5 to 8 GHz! Mini-Circuits new PMA3-83LN+ provides low noise, high dynamic range, high output power and flat gain from 0.5 to 8 GHz in a single model!  And it does it all with one simple matching circuit, making it an easy solution for sensitive receiver applications from WiFi to C-Band!

October 8, 2015
Free Webinar: VCO Fundamentals Tuesday October 13th, 2015 at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 6pm UTC on proudly sponsored by Mini-Circuits.

September 18, 2015
Instant Quote Documents from Mini-Circuits’ Webstore Facilitate Purchasing Processes Mini-Circuits’ webstore shopping cart page now features a “Produce a Quote” feature that instantly converts the line items in your shopping cart into a formal quote document to support your purchasing process!

September 17, 2015
Coaxial Low Pass Filter Provides Passband from DC to 120 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ZLPF-120+ connectorized low pass filter provides a pass band from DC to 120 MHz with low pass band insertion loss, high stop band rejection and fast roll off.

September 03, 2015
Ultra-Wideband Instrument Amplifier Supports Applications from 0.8 to 21 GHzThe TVA-82-213A+ instrument amplifier provides extremely wideband performance for test instrumentation and lab use with 25 dB gain and ±3.0 dB gain flatness across the entire 0.8 to 21 GHz frequency range!

September 01, 2015
Satellite L-Band Mux-Tee Ideal for Powering Up Converters and LNBs Mini-Circuits’ ZABT-2R15G+ combined bias tee and diplexer allows injection of DC feed and 10 MHz reference signal with IF signal from 950 to 2150 MHz through a single coaxial cable, ideal for powering up-converters and LNBs.

August 26, 2015
Mini-Circuits Introduces USB Controlled Solid State SP4T Absorptive Switch Mini-Circuits’ new USB-SP4T-63 solid state SP4T switch provides ultra-high-speed switching of just 3µs, +54 dBm IP3, and +27 dBm power handling for applications from 1 to 6000 MHz.  The switch comes in a compact case and is conveniently controlled and powered via USB.

August 24, 2015
2 New 100W Precision Fixed Attenuators Cover DC to 6000 MHz with ±0.65 dB Flatness Mini-Circuits has added more choices to our family of 100W precision fixed attenuators with new models BW-20N100W+ and BW-30N100W+, offering 20 dB and 30 dB attenuation levels with excellent flatness over a wide frequency range.

August 20, 2015
Ultra-Low Noise, High-IP3 MMIC Amplifier Die Supports Applications from 0.05 to 4 GHz Mini-Circuits’ PSA4-5043-D+ MMIC amplifier die provides 0.75 dB NF and +34 dBm IP3 in unpackaged die form to allow integration directly into customer hybrids.  Dice may be ordered in gel-paks up to 100 KGD, partial wafers or full wafers.

August 17, 2015
75Ω 2-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner for DOCSIS 3.1® Systems Mini-Circuits’ ADP-2-122-75+ 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner provides 0.9 dB insertion loss, 0.15 dB amplitude unbalance, and 22 dB isolation, supporting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS 3.1 compliant systems and equipment from 5 to 1250 MHz.

August 14, 2015
Mini Circuits Publishes MMIC Amplifiers Product Line Overview Mini-Circuits’ new MMIC Amplifiers Product Line Overview showcases our extensive MMIC amplifier product portfolio, comprising over 170 models from DC to 26.5 GHz.

August 12, 2015
100W Low Loss 2-Way 0˚ Splitter-Combiner Covers 600 to 3600 MHz Mini-Circuits’ ZACS362-100W+ high-power 2-way 0˚ splitter-combiner handles up to 100W RF input power as a splitter (5W as a combiner) with 0.5 dB insertion loss, 22 dB isolation, 0.15 dB amplitude unbalance and 1.2:1 VSWR.

August 5, 2015
X5 Multiplier Delivers Output Signals from 350 to 575 MHz Mini-Circuits’ RMK-5-571+ frequency multiplier converts input signals from 70 to 115 MHz into output signals from 350 to 575 MHz with 21 dB conversion loss, and 40 dBc rejection of adjacent harmonics.

August 4, 2015
75Ω 4-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner for DOCSIS 3.1® Systems! Mini-Circuits’ SCP-4-122-75+ 4-way 0˚ splitter/combiner provides 25 dB isolation, 0.4 dB amplitude unbalance, and 1W RF input power handling, supporting bandwidth requirements for DOCSIS 3.1 compliant systems and equipment from 5 to 1250 MHz.

July 30, 2015
Rugged Test Cables Pair with VNA Equipment for Applications from DC to 40 GHz! Mini-Circuits new VBL-2R1-K+ instrumentation test cables are specially designed to interface directly with VNA equipment for test applications from DC to 40 GHz with insertion loss as low as 0.79 dB!

July 28, 2015
Medium Power MMIC Amplifier Covers 869 to 2170 MHz with Output Power up to +24.1 dBm New model GVA-92+ provides 21.2 dB gain and 50% power added efficiency, optimized for cellular, LTE, and satellite IF application bands.  The amplifier is also usable with excellent performance in balanced configuration over desired bandwidths from 10 to 3600 MHz.

July 17, 2015
Five Popular MMIC Amplifiers Now Available in Unpackaged Die Form Five of Mini-Circuits’ most widely used MMIC amplifier models are now available from our catalog in unpackaged die form to allow integration directly into customer hybrids with minimal space requirements.  Dice may be ordered in gel-paks, partial wafers or full wafers.

July 14, 2015
Tiny 100W Bi-Directional Coupler Supports Applications from 50 to 6000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ SCBD-16-63HP+ surface mount wideband bi-directional coupler provides 100W RF input power handling, 23 dB directivity, input/output return loss up to 25 dB, and mainline loss as low as 0.2 dB.

July 8, 2015
Ceramic Resonator Band Pass Filter Covers Applications from 902.5 to 927.5 MHz Mini-Circuits’ CBP-915C+ surface mount ceramic resonator band pass filter provides 10W power handling, 27 dB stop band rejection and 1.1 dB passband insertion loss with excellent selectivity.

June 23, 2015
Surface-Mount 4:1 Transformer Handles 10W RF Input Power from 30 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new SYTX4-13HP+ surface mount transformer handles up to 10W RF input power with excellent insertion loss, amplitude unbalance and phase unbalance for a wide range of applications from 30 to 1000 MHz.

June 22, 2015
Mini-Circuits Presents Extensive Portofolio of Products for DOCSIS® Systems and Equipment To support customers developing the next generation of technologies for CATV systems, Mini-Circuits has expanded our product portfolio to include over 60 models designed and carefully specified to meet the performance requirements of the DOCSIS 3.1 standard.

June 18, 2015
Mini-Circuits Receives 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon IDS Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems (NYSE: RTN) has presented Mini-Circuits with its 4-Star Supplier Award for the fifth consecutive year.

June 02, 2015
Wideband 8-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Handles up to 100W Input Power with 1 dB Insertion Loss Mini-Circuits’ ZN8PD-362HP+ provides up to 100W power handling as a splitter with just 1 dB typical insertion loss, supporting a wide range of high-power signal distribution applications from 600 to 3600 MHz.

May 21, 2015
USB/Ethernet Integrated Frequency Counter & Power Meter, 1 to 6000 MHz, -30 to +20 dBm Mini-Circuits’ new pocket-sized FCPM-6000RC integrated frequency counter and power meter simplifies test applications by enabling synchronized frequency and power measurements from a single device!

May 15, 2015
Mini-Circuits’ Online VCO Spec Checklist Enables Quick and Easy Custom VCO Requests Mini-Circuits’ online custom VCO spec checklist allows customers to specify the exact performance parameters required for their designs and submit a request for proposal. Just fill out the checklist and click “Submit” for a fast response!

May 12, 2015
Mini-Circuits Launches Free Microwave Calculator Mobile App for Android™ Users! Mini-Circuits’ new Microwave Calculator app for Android mobile devices gives engineers a quick and easy tool to perform three common calculations on the fly: the effect of VSWR/return loss on transmitted power; cascaded noise figure; and power to voltage conversion.

May 11, 2015
New 75Ω Diplexers Meet Requirements for DOCSIS® 3.1 Compliant Systems and Equipment Mini-Circuits’ new DPB-series 75Ω diplexers cover the DC to 1220 MHz band with channel splits of 42/54 MHz, 65/88 MHz, 85/102 MHz, and 204/258 MHz. They provide low pass band insertion loss, outstanding stop band rejection, and excellent return loss, meeting requirements for DOCSIS 3.1 systems.

May 8, 2015
NRAO and Mini-Circuits Forge New Partnership to Enable Commercial Development of Cascadable Absorptive RF Filters
Radio astronomy technology transfer licensing agreement permits the use of novel NRAO-developed RF filter technology in a new suite of commercial electronics products.

May 4, 2015
Mini-Circuits Launches New RF Test Solutions Web Content! Mini-Circuits has expanded its website with a new section showcasing our innovative line of rack-mounted RF test and measurement solutions.  Configure modular test systems online using our interactive dashboard for a quote within 1 business day and delivery within 2 weeks or less!

April 30, 2015
High-IP3 Frequency Mixers Provide Excellent Suppression of Intermodulation Distortion for a Variety of Applications! Mini-Circuits has introduced 4 new high-IP3 mixers to the ADE family with IP3 up to +34 dBm over a variety of bandwidths and LO power levels for applications from cellular and radar to GPS and more!

April 02, 2015
USB/Ethernet Programmable Attenuators with Attenuation Range from 0 up to 120 dB! Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-6000-110 and RCDAT-4000-120 programmable attenuators offer industry-leading combinations of frequency range and level control range: 0 – 110 dB attenuation (0.25 dB step) from 1 to 6000 MHz and 0 – 120 dB attenuation (0.25 dB step) from 1 – 4000 MHz!

March 23, 2015
Ultra-Low Noise MMIC Amplifiers, 1.1 to 4 GHz! Mini-Circuits’ new PMA2-43LN+ MMIC amplifier provides 0.46 dB noise figure performance with RF input power handling up to +22 dBm, +32.9 dBm OIP3, and 19.9 dB gain, perfect for low noise Receiver Front End applications!

March 20, 2015
MMIC Ultra-Wideband 2-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner Covers 1.8 to 12.5 GHz! New model EP2C+ MMIC 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner provides extremely wideband coverage with 1.1 dB insertion loss, 16 dB typical port-to-port isolation, and input power handling up to 1.85W as a splitter in a tiny 4 x 4mm package!

February 19, 2015
New Pocket-Sized Smart Power Sensor Offers USB and Ethernet Control! Mini-Circuits’ new PWR-8GHS-RC power sensor provides -30 to +20 dBm dynamic range for applications from 1 to 8000 MHz with the convenience of USB and Ethernet control!

January 22, 2015
Rugged, Coaxial Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier Covers a Variety of Applications from 0.4 to 3 GHz ZX60-P33ULN+ low noise amplifier provides 0.38 dB noise figure, input power handling up to +22 dBm, and high dynamic range in a rugged, connectorized package.

January 16, 2015
Ultra-Wideband 50W Directional Couplers Support Applications from 0.5 to 18 GHzMini-Circuits’ ZUDC series of ultra-wideband directional couplers offers 3 models with your choice of 10, 20, and 30 dB coupling. All models provide excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and DC current passing up to 3A from input to output.

January 09, 2015
Ted Heil succeeds Harvey Kaylie as the second President in Mini-Circuits' forty-six-year history Mini-Circuits is very pleased to announce that Ted Heil, Mini-Circuits Vice President and Chief Operations Officer has been appointed as President.

January 06, 2015
4-Way Quadrifilar Power Splitter Provides Precise Phase Offsets from 600 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new SCQA-4-13+ surface mount 4-way quadrifilar power splitter/combiner provides 4 channels with 90˚ phase offset, 1.2:1 typical VSWR, power handling up to 1W as a splitter and 20 dB isolation between ports.

December 24, 2014 Miniature Low Pass Filter Provides Pass Band from DC to 1520 MHz with Sharp Rejection RLPF-1520+ low pass filter provides 1.2 dB pass band insertion loss and 31 dB stop band rejection in a miniature, shielded package.
December 22, 2014 Surface Mount Band Pass Filter Covers 68 to 76 MHz Pass Band with Wide Stop Band Rejection SXBP-72+ narrow bandwidth band pass filter is specially designed to cover avionics and air traffic control applications with low pass band insertion loss and excellent stop band rejection up to 4000 MHz.
December 15, 2014 Tiny Surface Mount Directional Coupler Supports 75Ω Applications from 5 to 2000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new TCD-16-23-75X+ surface mount directional coupler supports 75Ω applications with low mainline loss and RF input power handling up to 1W.
November 25, 2014 New Surface Mount Band Pass Filter Covers 435 to 535 MHz Pass Band with 5W Power Handling Mini-Circuits’ new RBPF-485+ surface mount band pass filter provides low pass band insertion loss, high rejection across wide stop band frequency range, and high power handling for marine and military aircraft communications.
November 20, 2014 High-Power 4-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner Handles RF Input up to 100W from 500 to 2800 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new ZB4PD-282-50W+ 4-way 0˚ splitter/combiner handles up to 100W RF input power as a splitter with low insertion loss and low phase and amplitude unbalance.
November 18, 2014 Connectorized 50/75Ω Matching Transformer Provides Low Matching Loss from DC to 2300 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new Z7550-NMNF+ provides 0.5 dB matching loss and can pass up to 5A DC current from input to output.
November 10, 2014 Tiny LTCC Band Pass Filter Covers 4400 to 5200 MHz Pass Band BFCN-4800+ provides 1 dB pass band insertion loss, 25 dB stop band isolation, and up to 1.5W input power handling in a tiny, ceramic package.
November 05, 2014 Low Cost 2-Way 0˚ Surface Mount Splitter/Combiner Covers 5 to 1200 MHz for 75Ω Systems Mini-Mini-Circuits’ new CDP-2-122-75+ provides 0.8 dB insertion loss, 20 dB matching return loss, 0.4 dB amplitude unbalance,  and 3˚ phase unbalance.
November 03, 2014 Wideband Surface Mount Limiter Covers 20 to 4000 MHz and Input Power from +10 to +37 dBm Mini-Circuits RLM-43-5W+ provides 33ns recovery time, 12 dBm output power and 0.36 dB insertion loss, supporting many hi-rel military and commercial applications.
October.28, 2014 High Power MMIC Amplifier Covers 869 to 2170 MHz with Output Power up to 30 dBm New model GVA-91+ provides 20.4 dB gain and high power added efficiency, optimized for cellular and LTE application bands.
October.23, 2014 Tiny LTCC Diplexer Provides Low Insertion Loss, High Rejection and 2W Power Handling LDP-1050-252+ covers pass bands from 1 to 1050 MHz and 1650 to 2500 MHz housed in a tiny ceramic 1206 package with excellent thermal stability, reliability and repeatability.
Oct.. 01, 2014 Free Webinar: VCO Fundamentals Tuesday, October 7th, 2014 at 11:00 AM ET on proudly sponsored by Mini-Circuits.
Sep. 25, 2014 Ultra-Wideband Monolithic Amplifier Covers 0.01 to 12 GHz with Excellent Gain Flatness Mini-Circuits new GVA-123+ provides ±0.7 dB gain flatness over 0.05 to 8 GHz and excellent repeatability in a tiny SOT-89 package, supporting a wide range of applications.
Sep. 10, 2014 Mini-Circuits Publishes Custom Rack Mount Test Equipment Guide New 52-page, full color publication showcases a wide selection of Mini-Circuits’ custom rack-mount test solutions, the capabilities they offer, and some of the applications they currently serve.
Sep. 3, 2014 Dual Matched MMIC Amplifier Achieves High Dynamic Range and +68.4 dBm IP2 Mini-Circuits MGVA-63+ MMIC amplifiers are ideal for suppressing unwanted intermodulation and second harmonics in many wideband amplifier applications.
August 28, 2014 FREE WEBINAR: ACCELERATING CUSTOM TEST SOLUTIONS Tuesday, September 9th, 2014 at 11:00 AM EDT, sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal.
August 7, 2014 LTCC Low Pass Filter Family Provides Pass Bands up to 13.25 GHz in Tiny 0603 Packages Mini-Circuits named runner-up for Best Custom Solutions in the Microwaves & RF 2014 Best of Industry Awards.
August 5, 2014 LTCC Low Pass Filter Family Provides Pass Bands up to 13.25 GHz in Tiny 0603 Packages Mini-Circuits new LFCW-family of LTCC low pass filters provides pass bands up to 13.25 GHz and handles power up to 12 Watts!
July 31, 2014 Class-AB Amplifier Delivers 100W Output Power over Low Frequencies from 400 kHz to
5 MHz
Mini-Circuits new LZY-5+ amplifier provides a combination of high power and low frequency performance with 52.5 dB gain, +58 dBm IP3, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.
July 9, 2014 New 100W Coaxial Amplifiers Support High Power Applications from 3000 – 4000 MHzMini-Circuits ZHL-100W-43+ and ZHL-100W-352+ Class-AB unconditionally stable amplifiers provide 100W saturated output power with 50 dB gain, ±1.5 dB gain flatness, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.
July 8, 2014 Class-A Amplifier Provides 2W Output Power Across 700 to 2700 MHz Mini-Circuits ZVE-2W-272+ connectorized amplifier combines 2W output power with wideband performance, meeting your needs from satellite communications to line-of-sight transmitters and more!.
July 2, 2014 Tiny Wideband Double Balanced MMIC Mixers Provide High Isolation over 2200 – 7000 MHz with +15 dBm LO power, low conversion loss over broad frequency range, and high IIP3 in a tiny 4 x 4 x 1mm package.
June 26, 2014 Rugged Rack Mount Amplifier Delivers 100W POUT and 48 dB Gain over 700 – 2700 MHz Mini-Circuits new HPA-272+ high power amplifier operates on a standard 110/220V AC supply and includes built in safety features, ideal for many test applications.
June 18, 2014 Mini-Circuits Receives 2013 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon Raytheon has honored Mini-Circuits for outstanding quality and on-time delivery for the fifth consecutive year.
June 12, 2014 New LTCC Balun Provides Low Amplitude and Phase Unbalance from 700 to 1000 MHz Low cost and high reliability in a tiny 0805 ceramic package!
June 9, 2014 Low Noise Bypass Amplifier Achieves Industry-Leading Performance from 0.5 – 5 GHz with flat gain, high dynamic range, and internal bypass switch to handle both low and high signal levels.
June 3, 2014 Mini-Circuits Introduces 75Ω Precision Test Cables Covering DC-3000 MHz Low loss and excellent reliability to meet your needs for 75Ω test applications!
May 2, 2014 New High-Directivity MMIC Amplifier Mini-Circuits VNA-28A+ covers 500 – 2500 MHz with 18 dB typical directivity
April 30, 2014 MMIC Dual Chip Amplifier Provides 0.47 dB Noise and +24 dBm Input Power Handling Mini-Circuits’ new PMA4-33GLN+ amplifier achieves a unique combination of low noise, high input power, and high gain from 0.7 to 3.0 GHz in a tiny, 4x4mm package!
April 23, 2014 Mini-Circuits is Pleased to Participate in IMS2014 as a Gold Sponsor June 1–6, 2014 at the Tampa Bay Convention Center, Tampa Bay, FL. Visit us at Booth 823!
April 4, 2014 Coaxial 2W Precision Fixed Attenuators Launch Coverage from DC – 40 GHz! The latest additions to our line of coaxial fixed precision attenuators expand frequency coverage from DC all the way up to 40 GHz!
March 31, 2014 Pocket-Sized Programmable Attenuators with USB, Ethernet, or RS232 Control Interfaces  from 1 MHz – 6 GHz with accurate attenuation from 0 – 30, 60, or 90 dB in 0.25 dB steps.
March 11, 2014 New Mini-Circuits SATCOM Product Guide Published in Print and Online!  This 32-page publication features a full survey of components and assemblies for satellite and earth station systems with key performance parameters and more!
March 5, 2014 Check Out Our Reference Design Index: Mini-Circuits Models Supporting Over 80 Integrated Circuits! Mini-Circuits has created an online index of more than 80 integrated silicon reference designs and corresponding recommended Mini-Circuits models.
March 3, 2014 Mini-Circuits is Proud to Sponsor Frequency Matters on an online video series bringing you technical content, industry news, and events in the RF and microwave world.  
February 28, 2014 Coaxial 24-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Covers Applications from 650 to 2200 MHz For your signal distribution needs in UHF, cellular, GPS, satellite communications, and more, Mini-Circuits has expanded our offering with the ZC24PD-222+ coaxial 24-way 0° splitter/combiner.  
February 20, 2014 New 50Ω Hand-Flex Interconnect Cables – N-Type (F) Bulkhead Connector to SMA (M) covering DC – 12.5 GHz with excellent return loss and 8mm bend radius for layout flexibility in tight spots!  
February 18, 2014 Mini-Circuits Adds ETHERNET CONTROL to Our Full Line of RF Switch Matrices covering DC – 18 GHz.  Control signal paths via USB or Ethernet! 
January 15, 2014 FREE HIGH-ACCURACY SIMULATION MODELS Partnership with Modelithics gives customers free, advanced simulation models for over twenty Mini-Circuits LTCC filters and surface mount attenuators.
January 10, 2014 4 New Ceramic, Low-Noise MMIC Amplifiers Hermetically Sealed and Nitrogen Filled for high reliability in tough environments
December 30, 2013 New Coaxial 4 Way 0° Resistive Power Splitter/Combiner covers applications from DC to 8400 MHz with good VSWR,  low amplitude and phase unbalance, and rugged, shielded construction!
December 18, 2013 Two New Tiny, Ultra Wideband Surface Mount Transformers covering 20 to 4500 MHz with low insertion loss, low amplitude and phase unbalance, and 0.4W power handling!
December 12, 2013 New Wideband, 2 Way 180° Surface Mount Splitter/Combiner provides low amplitude and phase unbalance, low insertion loss, high isolation, 0.5W power handling, and frequency range from 500 – 3000 MHz!
December 06, 2013 New Tiny Surface Mount High Pass Filter
Low insertion loss and high rejection for 700 to 3000 MHz passband
December 04, 2013 New Ultra-Low Noise, High IP3, Tiny MMIC Amplifier 0.38 dB NF and 35 dBm OIP3 in tiny a 2x2mm case covering 50Ω applications from 0.4 –3.0 GHz!
November 12, 2013 NEW SIGNAL GENERATOR WITH ETHERNET CONTROL, AM, PM, FM, AND PULSE MODULATION! The SSG-6400HS generates signals from 0.25 to 6400 MHz with <0.01 Hz frequency resolution, -75 to +10 dBm adjustable output power, and 0.01 dB power resolution.
November 11, 2013 Mini-Circuits Joins National Effort to Promote Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
SSG-6000 generates signals from 25 to 6000 MHz with 3 Hz frequency resolution, 70 dB adjustable output power range, and 0.25 dB output power resolution.
300 to 3000 MHz, up to 250W, 20 dB coupling, 3A DC pass.
Tuesday, November 19th at 11:00 AM EDT
October 17, 2013 Mini-Circuits Members Turn Out in Numbers at 2013 Step Out to Fight Diabetes Walk
October 10, 2013 New Family of Shielded Surface Mount High Pass Filters
Sharp rejection and low insertion loss in a miniature, shielded package!
Visit the Applications section of our website for access to a new library of informative webinars for RF industry professionals, engineers, and students!
Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 11:00 AM EDT, sponsored by Mini-Circuits, presented online by Microwave Journal..
October 21-23, 2013, David Intercontinental Hotel, Tel Aviv, Israel.
September 17th, 2013 at 11:00 AM Speaker, Ted Heil, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Mini-Circuits Register today at Microwave Journal.
Choose from more than 1000 models in stock for immediate shipment!
August 29, 2013 Five New Double Right-Angle SMA Connector Hand-Flex Cables – 0.141” Diameter
141SMR-series coaxial hand flex cables simplify cable assemblies with short distances between connectors and save space in dense component configurations.
August 27, 2013 New Voltage Variable Equalizer with Adjustable Attenuation Slope and High Linearity VAEQ-2150+ covers telecom band from 950 to 2150 MHz with low deviation from linear loss (0.1 dB typ.) and precise attenuation slope control to accurately linearize devices over passband.
August 19, 2013 Mini-Circuits Adds Single-Pole 4-Throw Switch Matrix to Portable Test Equipment Line
New USB-1SP4T-A18 Switch Matrix features DC to 18 GHz frequency range, extra-long life, low loss, USB control, and GUI software for any test lab application.
August 13, 2013 3 New SMT Ceramic Resonator Bandpass Filters Added to CBP Series
Added frequency ranges with sharp rejection and low passband insertion loss…
August 7, 2013 New Mini-Circuits SMA Connector Wrench Facilitates Cable Assemblies
The HT-Series SMA connector wrench enables easier tightening or removal of SMA connections in tight spaces.
August 1, 2013 New Coaxial 50W Precision Fixed Attenuators
Tagline/Text Preview: 10 – 40 dB attenuation, DC to 18 GHz
July 29, 2013 Two New Right-Angle, Hand-Flex Coaxial Cables
Hand Formable, 50Ω, DC to 18GHz.
July 25, 2013 New Surface Mount Ceramic Resonator Band Pass Filters
High Selectivity, Low Passband Insertion Loss.
July 23, 2013 NEW DESIGNER’S KITS for RCAT-Series Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators
Mini-Circuits is now offering two designer’s kits at great values to customers interested in our newly-released RCAT-Series ceramic microwave precision fixed attenuators. Each kit offers an economical package with a selection of RCAT models at a range of attenuation levels.
July 18, 2013 New Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuators
Hermetically sealed ceramic casing, DC to 20GHz.
Partnership with Modelithics® to Bring Customers Best-in-Class Performance Models
June 24, 2013 Mini-Circuits' PMA2-33LN+ low-noise amplifier (LNA) impresses industry analyst
In a MicroWaves & RF feature article, technical contributor Jack Brown is highly impressed with the PMA2-33LN+ LNA’s 0.37-dB noise figure at 900 MHz.
April 5, 2013 Mini-Circuits and Modelithics Partner to provide RF & MW Attenuator Models
Brooklyn, New York and Tampa, Florida , Mini-Circuits and Modelithics, Inc. have agreed to collaborate in the development of high-accuracy EDA simulation models of Mini-Circuits’ surface-mount microwave precision fixed attenuators YAT and RCAT, series.
April 5, 2013 Mini-Circuits' Attenuators achieve industry recognition
DC to 18 GHz, surface-mount YAT series fixed attenuators take center stage in thi Microwaves & RF magazine cover story: "Tiny Attenuators Set Levels to 18 GHz".
January 21, 2013 New Wideband Amplifier Delivers Incredibly Flat Gain, High IP3 and Excellent Return Loss at Low DC Power Levels!
Mini-Circuits new GVA-60+ amplifier features a frequency range from 10 MHz to 5 GHz, optimized to deliver incredibly flat gain (20 ±0.3 dB), high IP3 (29-40 dBm), and an input return loss of 17-20 dB with no external matching for VHF/UHF/IF applications and more!
December 21, 2012 New 75 Ω Amplifiers “Right on the Money” for CATV, FTTx, MoCA, and Satellite Systems
Mini-Circuits new PGA-106 series of amplifiers deliver a winning combination of high dynamic range, low noise, and flat gain, fine-tuned to meet specific customer demands across a wide range of 75 Ω systems!
October 26, 2012 New Ultra Wideband Coaxial Doubler, SMD Transformer, and Flat Gain/High Dynamic Range Coaxial Amplifier!
Mini-Circuits keeps pushing its industry-leading lineup of wideband RF, IF, and microwave products even wider, to deliver higher levels of performance for both new and old applications, and meet the “big picture” requirements of the engineers who design and build them! For example...
October 16, 2012 N-Type/Quick Lock SMA Cables Speed DUT Connect/ Disconnect Cycles for Network Analyzers!
Mini-Circuits has released 4 new Quick Lock SMA Cable Assemblies that also include a male N-type connector—ideal for use with 50Ω N-type network analyzers!
October 11, 2012 Eight New High-Linearity Frequency Mixers Now Available at Mini-Circuits!
Mini-Circuits continues to add to its industry-leading mixer lineup, releasing 8 new HJK and LAVI designs with third-order intercepts as high as 33 dBm, and L-R isolation up to 55 dB! Frequency ranges vary from 235 MHz to 4.5 GHz..
October 3, 2012 Precise Tilt Compensation Easier than Ever, with SMD Voltage-Variable Equalizer from Mini-Circuits!
Our new VAEQ-1000-75+ equalizer makes it easy to flatten the frequency response of individual CATV runs and other 75Ω circuitry—from 50 MHz all the way up to 1GHz!
September 24, 2012 New Ceramic Hermetic Limiters, Amplifiers, and High Gain Mixers Deliver Ultra-Rel Performance in Ultra-Low-Profile Cases!
Mini-Circuits exclusive ceramic hermetic technology is ideal anywhere long-term reliability adds bottom-line value. For more proof, just take a look at our new CLM Limiters, CMA Amplifiers, and MRA High-Gain Mixers!
September 13, 2012 New Surface-Mount Limiter Protects Against Undesired High-Power Signals from 200 kHz up to 3 GHz!
Mini-Circuits new RLM-33-2W+ limiter protects LNAs and other sensitive circuitry from spikes and power surges (+12 to +33 dBm), with minimal small-signal losses (0.25 dB typ) across an incredible 13+-octave bandwidth!
September 5, 2012 New Ultra Wideband Amplifier Delivers Super-Flat Gain from 100 MHz to 18 GHz!
Mini-Circuits new ZVA-183W+ amplifier is catching the eye of ultra wideband application designers everywhere, with its high, flat gain (27 ± 2dB typical) across an incredibly wide, 7+-octave frequency range!...
August 28, 2012 New High Power, Surface-Mount Directional Coupler delivers Flat, Low Loss, 10 dB Coupling from 10 to 400 MHz!
Mini-Circuits new SYDC-10-42HP+ delivers very flat coupling (10 ± 0.3 dB) across a wide, 5-octave frequency range, for up to 42 dBm signals!...
August 21, 2012 True RMS Power Sensor turns Almost Any PC into a Smart Power Meter for Modulated Waveforms!
Mini-Circuits new PWR-4RMS power sensor delivers highly accurate, true RMS measurements of signals employing advanced modulation schemes such as QPSK, 256 QAM, MSK, and DQPSK, for example in LTE, DECT, GSM, PWT, and other systems!...
August 15, 2012  New 8-Switch Matrix delivers Even More Efficiency for RF & Microwave Test Setups!
Test multiple parameters or multiple DUTs in a single pass, without constantly stopping to connect/disconnect cables! It sounds simple, but customers will soon appreciate all the built-in “smarts” of Mini-Circuits new USB-8SPDT-A18 Switch Matrix....
July 31, 2012 Mini-Circuits Launches New 500W Termination, Low Gain SMT Amplifiers, and More!
For high-power testing of cellular, satellite, radar, or military applications, take a look at Mini-Circuits new TERM-500W-14N+ termination. This all-new design can handle up to 500W RF power at 1.0 GHz, with a return loss of 17 dB or higher from 0.5 to 18 GHz!
July 27, 2012 Mini-Circuits Ultra-Small LTCC Filters Reach 12 GHz and Beyond!
Our Low-Temperature Cofired Ceramic (LTCC) filter family continues to push the envelope of what’s possible in a tiny, .12 x .06” footprint. The newest high- and low-pass designs feature passbands up to 12 GHz and higher, with the excellent temperature stability and high power handling...
July 26, 2012 New 20-dB Precision Fixed Attenuator — in a Tiny, 2 x 2 mm Surface-Mount Package!
Mini-Circuits new YAT-20+ attenuator delivers 20 dB attenuation for up to 2W signals—from DC to 18 GHz! Advanced design and our exclusive MCLP™ package technology bring it all together with excellent attenuation accuracy, flatness and VSWR...
July 23, 2012 Mini-Circuits Announces 30 Day Money Back Guarantee for Portable Test Equipment! We’ve had so many requests for samples and “demo units” of our Portable Test Equipment (PTE), we had to find another way to get them in everyone’s hands—as quickly and fairly as possible...
July 12, 2012 New Instrument Amplifier family offers Excellent Gain Flatness across Ultra Wide Bandwidths up to 21GHz!
Mini-Circuits new TVA test bench amplifiers deliver gains of up to 42 ± 1.0 dB—across frequency ranges as wide as 0.8-21 GHz! With output power as high as 35 dBm, NF as low as 3.0 dB, and IP3 up to 44 dBm, the four models meet a wide range of testing needs, from AM equipment to microwave, radar, ECM, EMI, and satellite systems!
June 28, 2012 I/O Control Boxes join Mini-Circuits growing lineup of Portable Test Equipment!
For quick and easy coordination and control of robotic and other electromechanical systems, our three new USB I/O Control Boxes can’t be beat! They’re a key building block for automated test setups...
June 19, 2012 Mini-Circuits New 20-foot Flex-Test™ Cable is “Just the Right Size” for Customer Applications!
We extended our Performance Test cable catalog lineup to 25 feet over a year ago, but for some of our customers that length was “just too much”, while 15 feet was “just not enough”! No problem—they just gave us a call...
June 5, 2012 Mini-Circuits Ultra Linear LNA Pushes the Envelope for Cellular, wLAN, Satellite, and Instrumentation Applications Our new PGA-103+ amplifier features a noise figure of 0.9 dB and output IP3 of 45 dBm, on DC power of only 5V/97 mA! Add a frequency range of 50 MHz to 4 GHz...
May 30, 2012 New Wide Band Transformer Delivers an Excellent Match for Push-Pull Amplifiers, from 30 MHz to 3 GHz! Mini-Circuits new TCM2-33X+ transformer is ideal for impedance-matching push-pull amplifiers across all major cellular frequencies and for many wLAN systems! This patent-pending dual output autotransformer offers an excellent return loss of 20 dB typ, across its entire frequency range...
May 21, 2012 Mini-Circuits Launches Two New 8 Way-0° Wide Band Power Splitters! For applications from 2G & 3G cellular through GPS, LTE, and WiMAX, our two new power splitters fill the bill for anyone requiring a low loss and high isolation!
May 15, 2012 New Digital Variable Gain Amplifier Delivers 31.5 dB Gain Control & High IP3 from 0.45 to 2.4 GHz! Mini-Circuits new DVGA1-242+ offers precise, high-speed gain control for cellular, wLAN, satellite, military and radar applications at the remarkably low price of only $6.95 each, even for small quantities!...
May 7, 2012 Mini-Circuits Wins Rockwell Collins RF and Crystals Supplier of the Year and Top 10 Green Supplier Awards
Rockwell Collins has named Mini-Circuits as a winner of its prestigious Supplier of the Year awards for 2012—the 6th time in the last 7 years—and further identified Mini-Circuits as one of its Top 10 Green Suppliers!
April 30, 2012 9 Way Coaxial Splitter Delivers Excellent Isolation, Low Loss, & Wide Bandwidth for GPS, Instrumentation and More! 9-Way Power Splitter? It’s not something you run across every day, but Mini-Circuits meets and exceeds customer expectations for all sorts of “odd orders”—on a regular basis! Our new ZC9PD-172+ is just another example...
April 24, 2012 Mini-Circuits Smart Synthesized Signal Generators Sweep, Hop, and Pulse from 250 MHz to 4 GHz and across a 70-dB Dynamic Range! Our rugged, portable signal generators are ideal for all kinds of design, production, and on-site testing, and they’re priced to fit almost any budget, starting at $1995!
April 17, 2012 New MMIC Amplifier from Mini-Circuits Delivers Ultra Low Noise, High Linearity Performance with Adjustable Current, for 3-4V DC Supplies! Mini-Circuits new PMA2-252LN+ is an incredibly adaptable amplifier, ideal for 1.5-2.5 GHz receiver applications from LTE and satellite base stations to GPS, air navigation, and more....
April 10, 2012 New Ultra Low Noise, High Dynamic Range Coaxial Amplifier! A noise figure of only 0.5 dB, paired with an IP3 of 30 dBm, make Mini-Circuits new ZX60-P162LN+ amplifier ideal for 0.7-1.6 GHz receiver front ends
April 6, 2012 Flat Gain Wideband Amplifiers, Only 99¢ Each! Mini-Circuits new GVA-62+ and GVA-63+ surface-mount amplifiers offer incredible gain flatness, as low as ±0.7 dB across the whole band from 0.1-6 GHz, and now they’re available at an incredible price! With an IP3 of up 39 dBm, and power consumption as low as 5V/69 mA....
April 3, 2012 Two Great Amplifiers, One Great Designer Kit! Cover 50 MHz to 18 GHz with just two amplifiers? Mini-Circuits new “dynamic duo” does all that...
March 27, 2012 New Surface Mount Step-Down Transformer for Laser Diode Applications Gets a Top Hat™! Mini-Circuits new TC9-1-75X+ surface-mount transformer is ideal for laser diodes requiring 75:8 Ω (approximately 9:1) impedance matching, and it even features our unique Top Hat for faster pick-and-place throughput!...
March 20, 2012 New 12V Ultra-Reliable Mechanical Transfer Switch—Superior Performance for up to 10 Years/100 Million Cycles! Mini-Circuits is proud to announce our newest ultra-reliable mechanical switch! The MTS-18-12B+, like the rest of this patented family of products, delivers low loss, high isolation, and good matching from DC-18 GHz with unprecedented reliability..
March 12, 2012 New Couplers and Splitters Join Mini-Circuits Lineup for CATV, VSAT, LMDS and More! Mini-Circuits has added three more Top Hat™ surface-mount directional couplers for 75Ω CATV and wire-line broadband systems to its industry-leading lineup...
March 7, 2012 New Top Hat™ Couplers and Transformers Speed Customer Pick-and-Place Throughput In just the last week, Mini-Circuits released 7 more Top Hat models, now totaling 16 directional couplers and 30 transformers, with more on the way. Why? Because everyone appreciates faster pick-and-place throughput!...
Feb. 27, 2012 New Coaxial Amplifiers Deliver Ultra High IP3 Performance with Low DC Power Consumption Mini-Circuits new ZX60-Hxxx amplifiers provide a 15 dB gain with a P1dB of 23 dBm and an outstanding IP3 of 46 dBm, while drawing only 145 mA at 5.5 V! Frequency ranges of 500-1200 and 700-2400 MHz make them ideal ...
Feb. 21, 2012 Five New Diplexers Join Mini-Circuits Industry-Leading Filter Lineup Low-loss, high rejection diplexers are essential for applications as varied as CATV, satcom, P2P, multiband radios, automotive electronics and air traffic control, and Mini-Circuits has added 5 more models to meet emerging customer needs.
Feb. 14, 2012 New High-Speed Power Sensor Joins Mini-Circuits Portable Test Equipment Lineup!Our newest USB power sensor, the PWR-8FS, turns it up a notch for high-speed production runs, with a 10-ms measurement speed, a high dynamic range (-30 to +20 dBm), and a 1 MHz to 8 GHz frequency range!...
Feb.7, 2012 Mini-Circuits Releases New Broadband Coaxial Power Splitters up to 6 GHz!
Two new coaxial power splitters from Mini-Circuits epitomize low-loss, high-isolation performance, tailored to meet different customer needs at 50 and 75Ω...
Feb. 2, 2012 Mini-Circuits New Wideband Amplifier—Buy 10, Get 10 Free!
We’re so excited about our new AVA-183A+ wideband (5-18 GHz) amplifier, we’re spreading the news with a special limited-time offer—purchase a quantity of 10 for only $6.95 each, and get 10 for free!..
Feb. 2, 2012 Mini-Circuits MAC Ceramic Hermetic Mixers “Break Cost/Performance Barrier” 
The outstanding electrical performance and ultra-reliable ceramic hermetic construction of Mini-Circuits MAC mixers are drawing a lot of attention, and are now featured on the cover of Microwaves & RF!...