Mini-Circuits Mini-Circuits

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  Application Notes
Measurement Methods and Techniques
• AN0-40 Automated compression measurements
• AN03-36 Measurement methods
• AN40-005 Prevention and Control of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
• AN0-39 Speed IM testing
• DG02-32 Statistical Process Control
Surface Mount Assembly and Manufacturing Techniques
• AN00-017 High-Power Surface Mount Components
• AN0-42 A guide to surface mount assembly
• AN00-007 Handling of Mini-Circuits Open Case Models
• AN00-004 Mini-Circuits AD Family Customer Soldering Of Matte Tin Plating
• AN40-010 Soldering Turret Terminal Pins on ZX series models
• AN40-011 Handling Moisture Sensitive Devices
• AN40-014 Surface Mount Assembly of Mini-Circuits Components
• AN40-017 Small Quantity Tape and Reel Splicing
• D4-D041 Tape & Reel Packaging For Surface Mount Devices
• DG02-23A Understanding Surface Mount
Conversion Tables
• AN40-012 dBm - volts - watts conversion table
• AN40-013 The Effect of VSWR on Transmitted Power
• DG03-111 Return loss vs. VSWR table
Designer Tools
• WEBTOOL-3 Gain Uncertainty Due to Mismatch Calculator
• WEBTOOL-2 Insertion Loss Uncertainty Due to Mismatch Calculator
• WEBTOOL-1 Overall Noise Figure of Two Stage Amplifier
• AN60-010 Biasing of Constant Current MMIC Amplifiers (e.g. ERA SERIES)
• AN60-038 Definition of terms, Q&As
• AN60-033 Enhanced Linearity in the HELA-10 Power Amplifier
• AN60-028 ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-4XSM
• AN60-029 ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-5XSM
• AN60-044 GSM-EDGE Performance vs. Output Power (TAMP-960LN+)
• AN60-046 GVA-81+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-047 GVA-82+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-048 GVA-83+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-049 GVA-84+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-031 Hand Soldering of MNA Amplifiers
• AN60-009 High IP3, wide band, balanced linear power amplifier (HELA-10)
• AN60-037 High Power Amplifier in a Multi-Tone Environment
• AN60-050 HXG-122+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-051 HXG-242+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-039 Low Cost Very High IP3 Low Noise Amplifiers Cover 250MHz to 2300MHz
• AN60-060 MAR-8ASM+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
• AN60-018 MAR/RAM Kit Test Board Instructions for Use
• AN60-059 MAV-11BSM+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
• AN60-025 MAV Kit Test Board: Instructions for Use
• AN60-045 Mini-Circuits Semi-Conductor Reliability and Quality Assurance
• AN60-036 MMIC Test Boards: Instructions for Use
• AN60-016 MNA, Low Profile, Low Cost, Fully Integrated Monolithic Microwave Amplifiers
• AN60-024 New MAR-8A and MAR-8ASM Amplifiers
• AN60-008 Operating precautions for RF Amplifiers
• AN60-052 PGA-102+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-064 PGA-103+: Stabilizing Network
• AN60-041 PHA-1+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-042 PHA-1+: TD-SCDMA Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-053 PMA2-162LN+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-054 PMA-545+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-055 PMA-545G1+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-027 Power Supply Transient Protection for MNA and VNA Amplifiers
• AN60-063 PGA-105+: Stabilizing Network
• AN60-057 PSA-545+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-061 RAM-8A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
• AN60-062 RAM-6A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
• AN60-034 Transient Protection of Darlington gain block amplifiers
• AN60-004 Ultra-Linear 50W Amplifiers 20-512MHz (LZY-1)
• AN60-005 Ultra-Linear 32W Amplifiers 500-1000MHz (LZY-2)
• AN60-043 UMTS (WCDMA) Performance vs. Output Power (TAMP-242GLN+)
• AN60-040 Understanding Noise Parameter Measurements
• AN60-032 Uses and Advantages of "MERA" Dual Matched MMIC Amplifiers
• AN60-030 Using the Catalog Specifications to Determine MMIC Reliability
• AN60-065 VNA-28A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
• AN60-058 YSF-322+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
• AN60-067 Semiconductor Die Ordering and Packaging Information
• AN60-068 ZHL-2-12+ PCN Report
• AN60-069 ZHL-2+ PCN Report
• AN60-070 ZHL-1042J+ PCN Report
• AN60-071 ZHL-42+ PCN Report
• AN60-072 ZHL-42W+ PCN Report
• AN60-073 Application Note / Report for ZHL-4240+
• AN60-074 Application Note / Report for ZHL-4240W+
• AN60-075 ZHL-2-8+ PCN Report
• AN60-076 Replacement Part Reference Guide, AVA-24+
• AN60-077 Replacement Part Reference Guide, AVA-183+
• AN60-078 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-6+
• AN60-079 TVA-11-422A+ PCN Report
• AN60-080 TVA-63-183A+ PCN Report
• AN60-081 TVA-82-213A+ PCN Report
• AN60-082 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-4+
• AN60-083 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-2+
• AN60-084 TVA-R5-13A+ PCN Report
• AN60-085 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-7+
• AN60-086 HPA-272+ User Manual
• AN60-087 High-Dynamic-Range MMIC Amplifier Support CATV Upstream and Downstream Applications
• AN60-088 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-5+
• AN60-089 Replacement Part Reference Guide, VNA-28A+
• AN60-090 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA1-242+
• AN60-091 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA1-242PP+
• AN60-092 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-3+
• AN60-093 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA2-33+
• AN60-094 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA2-33PP+
• AN60-095 Application Note / ZHL-1724MLN+ PCN Report
• AN60-096 Application Note / ZHL-100W-52-S+, ZHL-100W-52X-S+ PCN Report
• AN60-097 Application Note / ZHL-50W-52-S+, ZHL-50W-52X-S+ PCN Report
• AN60-098 Application Note / ZHL-42+, ZHL-42X+ PCN Report
• AN60-099 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-5916M-S+
• AN60-100 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-2510M-S
• AN60-101 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-2514M-S+
• AN60-102 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-2522M-S+
• AN60-103 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-2531M-S+
• AN60-104 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZX60-2534M-S+
Bi-phase, Electronic Attenuators
• ATT4-3 Frequently asked questions
• ATT4-2 Introduction, definition of terms
• AN46-001 CBL Series Ruggedized Test Cable - Super Flex Testing
• AN46-002 Mating Cycle Validation of QBL Series Cables
• AN46-003 Performance Change versus Flexure using Cable Flexure Test Fixture
• AN70-023 DAT-31575A/3175A/15575A Series Evaluation Boards Operation to VDD=5.2V
• AN70-019 Operation of Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuator Dice up to 40 GHz
• AN70-018 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-15R5-PN+
• AN70-017 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-15R5-SN+
• AN70-016 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-15R5-PP+
• AN70-015 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-15R5-SP+
• AN70-014 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31-PN+
• AN70-013 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31-SN+
• AN70-012 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31-PP+
• AN70-011 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31-SP+
• AN70-010 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31R5-PN+
• AN70-009 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31R5-SN+
• AN70-008 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31R5-PP+
• AN70-007 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DAT-31R5-SP+
• AN70-006 DAT-31R5A/31A/15R5A Series Evaluation Boards Operation to VDD=5.2V
• AN70-005 DAT Series Powered through a Voltage Divider Network
• AN70-004 Digital Step Attenuators offer Precision and Linearity
• DSA5-2   Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
Directional Couplers
• AN30-007 Replacement Part Reference Guide, D19G+
• AN30-006 Replacement Part Reference Guide, D18P+
• AN30-005 Replacement Part Reference Guide, D17I+
• AN30-004 Coupler Theoretical Main-Line Loss Calculation
• AN30-001 Do-it-yourself couplers reduce cost
• COUP7-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
• AN30-003 SM Quadrature Couplers have high performance, low cost
Electronic Line Stretchers
• AN45-002 Line Stretchers Ease VCO Load-Pull Testing
• AN75-008 Advantages of Cascading Reflectionless Filters
• AN75-007 Pairing Mixers with Reflectionless Filters to Improve System Performance
• AN75-006 Enabling Performance in the presence of DC on LTCC Dual Filters
• AN75-005 Methodology for Computation of Maximum Power Handling in LTCC Low Pass Filters
• AN75-004 Band Pass Filters with Linear Phase Response
• FILTS8-2 Constant-impedance IF bandpass filters improve circuit performance
• FILT8-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
Fixed Attenuators / Terminations
• AN70-001 Fixed attenuators help minimize impedance mismatches
• ATT6-1   Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
• AN70-002 2&5W Attenuators cover DC-18GHz
Frequency Doublers
• DOUB9-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
Frequency Mixer
• AN00-003 Dual double balanced mixers (HJK, HUD)
• AN00-011 Frequently asked questions about mixers
• AN00-001 Figure of Merit of Mixer Intermod Performance (E-Factor)
• AN00-015 Hermetic LTCC Mixers Raise the Bar for Reliability, Performance, and Price (MAC)
• AN00-012 High IP3 WiMAX Mixers
• AN00-010 How to select a mixer
• AN00-008 Improved two-tone, third order testing
• AN00-006 LTCC Mixer For Instrumentation & Military Applications
• AN00-014 Selecting the Right Mixer for Your Application
• AN00-002 Triple balanced, low cost, LTCC mixers (MCA)
• AN00-009 Understanding Mixers – Terms Defined, and Measuring Performance
I&Q and QPSK Modulators/Demodulators
• MOD11-2 Introduction, definition of terms
• MOD11-8 Most often asked questions
• LIM10-2 Introduction, Q&As
• AN42-001 High Power Limiter Modules
• AN45-001 Automated load measurement of VCOs
• VCO15-6 Characterizing and minimizing VCO phase noise
• VCO15-9 Design features of a synthesizer using Mini-Circuits VCOs
• VCO15-20 Frequently asked questions
• AN95-003 Glossary of VCO Terms
• AN95-005 How VCO Parameters Affect Each Other
• AN95-006 Optimizing VCO/PLL Evaluations & PLL Synthesizer Designs
• VCO15-10 Phase locked loop fundamentals
• VCO15-8 Reducing power supply noise in VCOs
• AN95-007 Understanding VCO Concepts
• VCO15-15 VCO test methods
• VCO15-19 VCO footprints and layout considerations to improve performance
• AN95-004 Wide Modulation Bandwidth Measurements
Phase Detectors
• DET12-2 Introduction, definition of terms
• AN41-001 Frequently asked questions about phase detectors
Power Meter
• AN47-001 A10 MHz to 6 GHz Power Meter
Power Splitters/Combiners
• AN10-004 Diminutive Impedance-Matching Splitters
• AN10-001 Do-it-yourself splitters
• PWR2-4 Frequently asked questions
• AN10-002 Miniature power splitters
• AN30-003 SM Quadrature Couplers have high performance, low cost
• AN10-003 Super wide bandwidth power splitters (ZN2PD2-50, ZN4PD1-50)
• AN10-005 Surface Mount LTCC Quadrature Splitters
• AN10-006 Understanding Power Splitters
• AN10-008 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZN4PD1-50-S+
• AN10-009 Replacement Part Reference Guide, ZN4PD1-63W-S+
Power Sensors
• PWR SENS-1 Frequently Asked Questions
• AN48-001 Mini-Circuits PWR-6GHS+ USB Power Sensor
• AN48-002 USB/ETHERNET POWER SENSOR PWR Series Quick Start Guide
• AN48-003 Mini-Circuits USB Smart Power Sensors User Guide
Programmable Attenuators
• AN49-005 USB, RS232 & Ethernet Programable Attenuators User Guide
• AN49-009 USB Solid State RF Switch User Guide
RF Choke
• AN20-003 Super wide-band RF choke
RF Transformers
• AN20-002 Application Note on Transformers
• TRAN14-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
• AN20-001 How RF transformers work and how they are measured
• AN80-006 Biasing of HSWA2-30DR+ SPDT Switch with a 5V supply voltage
• SW13-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As
• AN80-007 Low-cost ultra high isolation SPDT switch
• AN80-001 Using model PSW-1211 as a SPST switch
• AN80-004 Using the RSW-2-25PA+ switch
• AN80-009 Application Note / Report for CSWA2-63DR+
• AN80-010 Application Note / Report for VSWA2-63DR+
• AN80-011 Application Note / Report for ZFSWA2-63DR+
Mechanical Switch
• AN83-001 Mechanical Switch Life Test