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Broadband, state-of-the-art selection offering outstanding performance up to 26.5 GHz!

  • Connectorized models, power output to 100W
  • Over 145 MMIC surface mount amplifier models
  • High dynamic range, low noise
  • Low-cost, custom solutions available!

Mini-Circuits' extensive selection of RF amplifiers offers many combinations of gain, noise figure, output power, and linearity in MMIC, surface mount, and connector packages. We feature one of the industry's broadest lines of MMIC designs based upon MESFET, GaAs, PHEMT, and InGaP HBT technology. We provide industry leading support for designers with free data and application notes as well as free X-Parameters for some of our most popular MMIC models. Covering frequency ranges up to 26.5 GHz with noise figures as low as 0.35 dB and power handling up to 100W, Mini-Circuits amplifiers provide solutions for a wide range of applications including communications, 4G LTE, and WCDMA. Our engineers can also create low-cost, custom solutions for your specific requirements.

Table of Models
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Mini-Circuits introduces one of the industries broadest lines of MMIC and MSiP based upon MESFET, GaAs and InGap HBT technology.


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Surface Mount Amplifiers

General Purpose Wideband Surface Mount Amplifiers
Low Noise Surface Mount Amplifiers
Low Noise High Linearity Surface Mount Amplifiers
High Dynamic Range Surface Mount Amplifiers
Digital Variable Gain Surface Mount Amplifiers
75 Ohms Surface Mount Amplifiers
Dual Matched Monolithic Surface Mount Amplifiers
Surface Mount Amplifier Designer Kits

Connector Amplifiers

General Purpose Wideband Coaxial Connector Amplifiers
Low Noise Coaxial Connector Amplifiers
High Power Connector Amplifier
Coaxial Connector Pulse Amplifiers

RF Instrument Coaxial Connector Amplifiers
Variable Gain Coaxial Connector Amplifiers
Push-Pull Coaxial Connector Amplifiers

Plug-In Amplifiers

General Purpose Wideband Plug-In Amplifiers
Low Noise Plug-In Amplifiers