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RF Attenuators

Over 300 models for virtually any application from DC up to 40 GHz!

  • Fixed, programmable, and voltage variable models
  • Excellent accuracy, repeatability, and flatness versus frequency
  • Power handling up to 100W

Mini-Circuits offers a wide variety of fixed, programmable, and voltage variable attenuators to meet your needs. Our surface mount attenuators come in packages as small as 2 x 2mm with a full line of hi rel, hermetically sealed ceramic models for the harshest operating conditions. Coaxial connector attenuator models in our lineup offer outstanding accuracy, repeatability and rugged construction for power levels from 2 to 100W. Our programmable and voltage variable attenuators provide accurate control with flat performance from DC to 7 GHz over frequency ranges as wide as 4 GHz. All models are available off the shelf for immediate delivery!

Table of Models
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Mini-Circuits offers a wide variety of cost effective fixed attenuators including surface mount based designs MMIC and connectorized units up to 26 GHz with power handling up to 100W that include both DC Blocking and DC Passing.  Our Digitally Controlled and Voltage Variable attenuators provide accurate control and resolution with flat performance over very broad frequency ranges up to 7 GHz.