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Rugged, flexible interconnect cables for easy layout in sub-systems; precision test cables from DC to 40 GHz!

  • Low-loss precision test cables
  • Connector types include SMA, SMR, N-Type, and 2.92mm
  • Performance qualification tested under extreme bending and mechanical stress
  • In stock for immediate shipment

Mini-Circuits offers a broad line of RF cables for test and measurement applications and interconnection of end use systems. RF test cables traditionally undergo tremendous strain due to frequent bending that is a normal part of nearly every test lab application. To minimize the problem, all our RF test cables are ruggedized and qualified for more than 20,000 bend cycles. We back this with our industry-unique six month product guarantee! Our Hand-Flex interconnect cables offer outstanding layout flexibility with low loss and hand-formable construction qualified over a full battery of mechanical stresses.

Table of Models
Select One: Precision Test Interconnect

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Mini-Circuits Cable offering includes both Test and System Integration cables operating up to 18 GHz.  Our Test Cables are ruggedized and validated over 20,000 flex cycles and are covered by our 6 Month Product Guarantee (see datasheet for details) creating an industry-unique value proposition.


Featured Models

KBL Series
• DC to 40 GHz
• 2.92 mm Armored Test Cables
• Low Loss, Phase Stable

  GM1526 Quick-Lock Series Interconnect Cables
• SMA Male Quick-Lock connector
• DC to 18 GHz
• Ideal for dense interconnect applications
CBL Series Test Cables
• DC to 18 GHz
• Extra rugged, triple shielded
• SMA & N-type
• 6 month guarantee*
  086 & 141 Interconnect Cables
• DC to 18 GHz
• High flexibility
• System Interconnect cables

RF Test Cables

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40 GHz Test Cables

Interconnect Cables

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