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RF Couplers

Over 475 low-cost models to choose from with power handling from 0.5 to 250W, covering 5 kHz to 18 GHz!

  • Directional/bi-directional/DC pass-through models
  • Surface mount and coaxial
  • Wideband core-and-wire and LTCC models as small as 0.12 x 0.06"
  • 50 and 75Ω

Mini-Circuits directional and bi-directional RF couplers are designed for a wide range of commercial, industrial, and military applications. Our low-cost surface mount models include LTCC designs as small as 1206 with low insertion loss and high directivity, while high-power surface mount designs offer power handling up to 100W.  Our extensive selection of coaxial connectorized couplers includes models with power handling up to 250W and a variety of packages featuring SMA, BNC, Type N, and TNC connectors. All units are manufactured to ensure statistical control of performance parameters such as insertion loss, coupling, and input/output return loss, ensuring outstanding unit-to-unit repeatability. With wideband coverage from 5 kHz up to 18 GHz, these RF couplers provide coupling ratios from 6 to 40 dB, DC passing and DC blocking to meet a broad range of system requirements.

Table of Models
Select One: Surface Mount Connector Plug-In

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With wideband operation up to 6000 MHz, Mini--Circuits line of Couplers covers a variety of coupling ratios, configurations and power levels up to 250Watts.  Custom models available to 18 GHz.



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Surface Mount Couplers

6 to 30 dB Couplers, Directional
High Power, Bi-Directional Surface Mount Couplers
High Power, Directional Surface Mount Couplers
Surface Mount Coupler Designer Kits

Connector Couplers

High Directivity, Bi-Directional Coaxial Connector Couplers
High Directivity, Directional Coaxial Connector Couplers
6 to 30 dB Directional Coaxial Connector Couplers
High Power, Bi-Directional Coaxial Connector Couplers
Directional Coaxial Connector Couplers
Power Tap Coaxial Connector Couplers

Plug-In Couplers

6 to 30 Directional Plug-In Couplers
High Power, Bi-Directional Plug-In Couplers