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RF Switches

A broad selection of reliable, long-life models from DC to 18 GHz

  • Semiconductor SMT and coaxial mechanical switches
  • Extremely fast switching times (<10 nS)
  • High isolation
  • Long switch cycle life

Mini-Circuits offers a full line of semiconductor surface mount and mechanical coaxial switches. Our semiconductor models feature both MMIC and PIN diode-based designs, with and without internal TTL/CMOS drivers. Our mechanical switches have been awarded a number of patents for designs that are free of springs and other tension devices, using magnetics for contact movement to achieve lifetimes of 10 years/100 million cycles guaranteed performance, far exceeding those of conventional spring and solenoid based designs. All models provide low loss, high isolation, and unsurpassed reliability for your RF/microwave switch requirements in commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Table of Models
Select One: Surface Mount Connector Plug-In

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Mini-Circuits switches operate up to 6 GHz and offer extremely fast switching times (<10 nS) up to medium power levels.  Supplied in both MMIC and PIN Diode based designs, with and without internal TTL/CMOS drivers, these products are offered in connectorized and surface mount packages.

New / Featured Models
Surface Mount High Isolation Switch
• Footprint compatible w/ RSW-2-25P+
• High isolation, 50 dB typ. at 1 GHz
• DC to 2500 MHz

• 24V SP4T Switch
• Xtra Long Life
• DC to 18 GHz


• 12V Transfer Switch
• Ultra Long Life
• DC to 18 GHz

• SPDT RF Switch
• High power,10W
• Small size, 3 x 2 x 0.89 mm high
• Control voltage 3V or 5V
• Wide bandwidth,50 MHz to 3 GHz

• 12V Mechanical SPDT Switch
• Ultra Long Life
• Reflective
• DC to 18 GHz

Surface Mount Switches

SPST/SPDT w/wo TTL Drivers Surface Mount Switches
SP4T with TTL Drivers Surface Mount Switches
Bi-Phase Surface Mount Switches
Transfer Surface Mount Switches

Connector Switches

SPDT w/wo TTL Drivers Connector Switches
High Isolation Connector Switches
SP4T with TTL Drivers Connector Switches
Mechanical, SPDT/SP4T & Transfer Connector Switches
Pin Diode SPDT/SP4T with TTL Drivers Connector Switches
Pin Diode SPST, SPDT Connector Switches
Bi-Phase Connector Switches
USB Switch Matrices

Plug-In Switches

Pin Diode SPDT/SP4T with TTL Drivers Switches
Pin Diode SPST, SPDT Plug-In  Switches
Bi-Phase Plug-In Switches