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RF Switches

A broad selection of reliable, long-life models from DC to 18 GHz

  • Semiconductor SMT and coaxial mechanical switches
  • Extremely fast switching times (<10 nS)
  • High isolation
  • Long switch cycle life

Mini-Circuits offers a full line of semiconductor surface mount and mechanical coaxial switches. Our semiconductor models feature both MMIC and PIN diode-based designs, with and without internal TTL/CMOS drivers. Our mechanical switches have been awarded a number of patents for designs that are free of springs and other tension devices, using magnetics for contact movement to achieve reliable performance qualified 100 million cycles, guaranteed performance, far exceeding lifetimes of conventional spring and solenoid based designs. All models provide low loss, high isolation, and unsurpassed reliability for your RF/microwave switch requirements in commercial, industrial, and military applications.

Table of Models
Select One: Surface Mount Connector Plug-In

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Mini-Circuits switches operate up to 6 GHz and offer extremely fast switching times (<10 nS) up to medium power levels.  Supplied in both MMIC and PIN Diode based designs, with and without internal TTL/CMOS drivers, these products are offered in connectorized and surface mount packages.

New / Featured Models
Coaxial SPDT RF Switch
• Wide bandwidth 500 to 6000 MHz
• Very high isolation, 65 dB at 1GHz
• Very fast switching, 35ns

Surface Mount High Isolation Switch
• Footprint compatible w/ RSW-2-25P+
• High isolation, 50 dB typ. at 1 GHz
• DC to 2500 MHz

• 24V SP4T Switch
• Xtra Long Life
• DC to 18 GHz


• 12V Transfer Switch
• Ultra Long Life
• DC to 18 GHz

Surface Mount Switches

SPST/SPDT w/wo TTL Drivers Surface Mount Switches
SP4T with TTL Drivers Surface Mount Switches
Bi-Phase Surface Mount Switches
Transfer Surface Mount Switches

Connector Switches

SPDT w/wo TTL Drivers Connector Switches
High Isolation Connector Switches
SP4T with TTL Drivers Connector Switches
Mechanical, SPDT/SP4T & Transfer Connector Switches
Pin Diode SPDT/SP4T with TTL Drivers Connector Switches
Pin Diode SPST, SPDT Connector Switches
Bi-Phase Connector Switches
USB Switch Matrices

Plug-In Switches

Pin Diode SPDT/SP4T with TTL Drivers Switches
Pin Diode SPST, SPDT Plug-In  Switches
Bi-Phase Plug-In Switches