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  VCOs / Synthesizers

To our valued customers:

The recent trend of consolidation in the RF/microwave components industry has led many suppliers to obsolete parts and narrow the scope of their product lines.  Specifically, we’ve seen a recent upsurge of product obsolescence for VCOs and synthesizers, leaving many customers with the challenge of finding a second source for these complex and highly sensitive parts.

When such changes occur, Mini-Circuits understands the impact on customers, and we’re here to support you with decades of design experience and thousands of VCO and synthesizer models in stock.  If you’re looking for replacement solutions for end-of-life competitor parts or considering options for a new design, our engineers will work with you to find a solution from our extensive library of existing designs or develop a custom design to meet your requirements.

Mini-Circuits VCOs and synthesizers don’t just give you industry-leading performance, world-class quality, and fast, easy engineer-to-engineer application support whenever you need it.  They also give you the peace of mind that comes with our promise of reliable product supply through the lifetime of your system.  Product longevity is a central part of our commitment to quality, reliability, and outstanding customer support.

We invite you to explore Yoni2®, our advanced product search engine, which searches millions of actual data points from our catalog and engineering database to find the models that meet your specific requirements.  If you need further technical assistance, reach out to to discuss how we can support your needs, and see for yourself why so many customers count on Mini-Circuits as the industry’s solid source for VCO’s and synthesizers.