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  End of Life Notification

Dear Customer:

Mini-Circuits makes every effort to maintain the life of our products to exceed the customer’s system life. Product longevity is part of our commitment to quality, reliability and outstanding customer support. However, in some cases beyond our control, product change or End of Life is unavoidable, whether it be due to changes in our supply chain and/or other factors.

When these changes occur, we understand the impact on customers, and as such we take change management of any of our products very seriously. We treat our customers’ need for advance notification with the highest importance and realize the attention to detail required in managing any such change, and we have structured our internal processes around these needs.

Whenever possible, Mini-Circuits will provide a compatible replacement part to support system continuity and will notify customers of the new part number and/or data and information about lead time for qualification and production units.

Your Account Manager is your primary point of contact for any questions regarding End of Life and product change. Additionally, our quality and product teams are available to support you and your organization with any concerns or challenges that arise due to End of Life or product change.

Any declaration or statement that a Mini-Circuits part is not subject to planned obsolescence is (i) limited to the date that such declaration or statement is made or provided by Mini-Circuits, (ii) based on the information that Mini-Circuits currently has from its suppliers as of such date, and (iii) not intended to and does not pertain to any of the materials or sub-components contained in such part.