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eVNA: 6 GHz USB Vector Network Analyzer

300 kHz TO 6 GHz Introducing the eVNA A High-Quality, Affordable VNA from the World’s Trusted Partner for All Things RF BUY NOW CONTACT US
TRACE NOISE <0.005 dB rms typ
OUTPUT POWER -50 to +10 dBm

Mini-Circuits' eVNA-63+ is a high performance, software-controlled vector network analyzer (VNA). By moving the complex data processing and calculation required of vector network measurements out of the instrument and into an advanced software package, Mini-Circuits is able to offer a fully-featured but cost effective VNA for every test bench.

The product ships with Mini-Circuits’ eVNA StudioTM software, providing a powerful user interface which will feel familiar to any engineer with experience of VNA measurements. eVNA StudioTM also includes a full API with SCPI support, allowing automation of VNA calibrations, measurements, trace displays and data exports from a custom control program.

  • 2-Port 2-Path S-Parameters
  • Built-in bias tee accessible on both ports
  • API for Windows and LabView
  • SCPI Command Interface
  • Touchstone File Import and Export
  • Size: 10"x8"x1.75"
  • Time Domain & Gating
  • Port extension De-Embedding
  • Factory Calibrations Available
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Weight: 4.5 kg / 9.92 lbs


Service & Factory Calibration

Calibration Kits

Get Started: Video Tutorials eVNA Video
eVNA Studio Software
S2P Measurements

Full support for the S11, S12, S21, S22 measurements of 2 port devices. Phase and magnitude data can be visualized in rectangular, Smith chart, or polar pilots formats, or exported as a Touchstone s2p data file.

Time Domain Analysis - Included!

Extend your measurement capabilities to include TDR (time domain reflectometry), a process for determining distance or time to impedance changes in a transmission line. These changes could include shorts, opens, connectors or other areas where impedance can change. An excellent method for fault finding in PCB assemblies.

Port Extension / De-Embedding

Correct measurement results to exclude the effect of any test fixture by mathematically moving the reference planes up to the DUT input and output

Bandwidth, Limit & Ripple Tests

Automate common measurement activities with powerful marker functions, including filter bandwidth and ripple calculations, and display of pass / fail test results.

Internal Bias-Tees

Two bias-tee inputs allow provision of up to +24V DC / 200 mA max on either measurement port (or both), ideal for powering amplifiers in-line for s2p / P1dB characterization.

Power Sweep

Configure an automated power sweep sequence at a fixed frequency, ideal for measurement of linearity or compression of amplifiers and other 2 port devices. Calibrate the power accuracy with support for external USB power meters.

Application Programming Interface (API)

The eVNA View software suite incorporates an API which allows custom automation programs to be created for the eVNA. Most common programming environments are supported, including Python, LabVIEW, C# and MatLab.
Supports SCPI & Host or Remote Computer Control

Minimum System Requirements

USB 2.0 or later, Windows 7 or 10, i3 CPU or equivalent, 8GB RAM

Documentation Data Sheet
Quick Start Guide
User Manual
Programming Manual
Try Before You Buy Offline Simulator - FREE!

Use the eVNA View software with existing s-parameter data files to create a simulated VNA measurement. Learn about VNA operation or prepare a measurement run in advance, without any hardware present.

Perfect for engineers to evaluate the software or students to learn to use VNAs.

Download free software with simulations and data.

Service & Factory Calibration

Factory Calibration

As a precision test instrument, your eVNA-63+ should be calibrated annually. Simply place your calibration order with any Mini-Circuits sales office, or authorized representative, and ship the unit back to Mini-Circuits with the details provided.
Can’t be without your eVNA? No problem, we have a premium calibration that includes a loaner while your device is with us.

Service & Reliability

At Mini-Circuits, we’re known for our exceptional quality, reliability, and service. We understand the importance of your equipment functioning properly. Every eVNA comes with a 1-year warranty.


Calibration Kits Flexible User Calibration Options

Support for SOLT standards with full calibration kits available.

Learn more: KSOLT-63-S+(SMA)


The eVNA comes standard with an AC/DC Grounded power adapter, a choice of power cord for various domestic and international standards, and a USB cable.

Cables- Excellent Phase Stability from $114.95
CBL-2FT-NMNM+ N Male to N Male, Precision Test
CBL-2FT-SMNM+ N Male to SMA Male, Precision Test
CBL-2FT-SFNM+ N Male to SMA Female, Precision Test
SF-SM50+ Adapter SMA-M to SMA-F
SM-SM50+ Adapter SMA-M to SMA-M
SF-SF50+ Adapter SMA-F to SMA-F
NF-NM50+ Adapter N-M to N-F
NM-NM50+ Adapter N-M to N-M
NF-NF50+ Adapter N-F to N-F
NF-SF50+ Adapter N-F to SMA-F
NF-SM50+ Adapter N-F to SMA-M
NM-SF50+ Adapter N-M to SMA-F
NM-SM50+ Adapter N-M to SMA-M
ANNE-50+ Termination SMA Male
ANNEF-50+ Termination SMA Female
KARN-50+ Termination N Male
TRQ-516-08 SMA Torque Wrench
TRQ-N34-8 N-Type Torque Wrench 3/4" 8 lb-in
TRQ-N20-8 N-Type Torque Wrench 20mm 8 lb-in
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