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EZ Sample: Free Samples for Surface-Mount Parts On-Demand!

EZ sample is Mini-Circuits' online, FREE sample request system for surface mount parts. It's fast, free, and EZ as ABC:

  • Sign in or register on minicircuits.com, and look for the EZ-Samples logo on the model dashboard for the parts you want to sample.
  • Complete the sample request form and submit your request
  • Receive your free samples and open the box!

We'll ship your free samples directly to you within a few days. We're even paying for shipping charges to make sure you get what you need to make an informed decision at no cost. It's an offer you can't refuse!

  • Maximum of 3 sample requests within any 90 day period
  • No more than 1 request for the same part within any 30 day period

If you need additional samples, please contact our sales team at sales@minicircuits.com or your local authorized sales representative.