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May 26th, 2015 Controlling RCDAT-Series Programmable Attenuators via Ethernet using HTTP and Telnet

This short tutorial provides instruction on how to control Mini-Circuits’ RCDAT-series programmable attenuators via Ethernet using HTTP and Telnet communication protocols.

November 12th, 2014 Passive Components: Dividers, Couplers, Combiners
Presenter: Dr. Robert Froelich

Power Dividers

  • 2-way, 3-way and N-way
  • Isolation and loss
  • Phase relationships
  • Uneven power division
  • Combining RF power
Directional Couplers
  • Properties
  • Coupling, isolation, and directivity

October 7th, 2014 VCO Fundamentals
Presenter: John McNeill, Director of the New England Center for Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (NECAMSID), Worcester Polytechnic Institute


  • Functional Block Concept
  • Input-Output Relationships
  • Basic Performance Metrics
    • Center Frequency
    • Tuning 'Constant'
  • Types of VCOs
    • Resonant (LC, SAW based, crystal)
    • Multivibrator
    • Ring Oscillator
  • Methods of Tuning
    • Varactor (voltage controlled capacitance)
    • Drive strength (e.g. charging current in multivibrator)
    • Phase adjust (interpolating)
  • Second Order Performance Metrics
    • V-f Linearity
    • Supply/Load Sensitivity
    • Phase Noise
  • Comparison of VCOs
  • Summary

September 9th, 2014 Accelerating Custom Test Solutions
Presenter: Jeff DiGaudio, Project Leader, Rack Test Equipment, and Chi Man Shum, Worldwide Portable Test Equipment Applications Manager

Abstract: Mini-Circuits has developed an innovative line of test equipment that can improve test efficiency and provide reliable test results without a big investment in complex laboratory equipment. These products range from small Portable Test Equipment (PTE) including signal generators, switch matrices, programmable attenuators, and smart power sensors to custom integrated rack-mount test solutions. Most recently, Mini-Circuits has accelerated custom test solutions with modular test rack designs resulting in turnaround times as fast as 1 week and greatly simplifying system maintenance. All modules include user-friendly GUI software and DLLs for almost any programming environment that supports ActiveX or .Net frameworks, allowing the user to develop customized control applications.

May 20th, 2014 Mixers and Frequency Conversion
Presenter: Allen Podell, IEEE Life Fellow

Abstract: Frequency conversion is a critical function in all wireless systems. A key component used to accomplish this is the mixer. Designers need to understand different mixer topologies and specifications in order to meet their system requirements. This webinar provides a brief overview of frequency conversion and introduces the mixer as the component used to accomplish this function.

  • RF System Architectures
  • How many conversions?
  • How to Convert? What is a mixer figure of merit?
  • Passive diode mixers versus passive FET mixers
  • Monolithic silicon active mixer issues
  • Comparing Mixer Specifications
  • Design Overview

October 15th, 2013 VCO Fundamentals
Presenter: John McNeill, Director of the New England Center for Analog and Mixed Signal Integrated Circuit Design (NECAMSID), Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Abstract: This webinar will cover the fundamentals of voltage controlled oscillators from functional block concept to input-output relationships, basic performance metrics, types of VCOs, methods of tuning, second order performance metrics, and comparison of VCOs.

September 17th, 2013 MMIC Amplifier Design Approaches
Presenter: Ted Heil, Vice President, Mini-Circuits

Abstract: This webinar offers an insight into MMIC amplifier design approaches, from semiconductor technology selection, circuit architectures, characterization and testing to final market released MMIC amplifiers.  Along the way, some key differences in the approach between Mini-Circuits and typical market products will be highlighted.

March 19th, 2013 Smart Portable Test Equipment for ATE Applications
Presenter: Chi Man Shum, Worldwide Portable Test Equipment Applications Manager, Mini-Circuits

Abstract: Mini-Circuits has developed a family of low-cost, smart portable test equipment (PTE) that can provide quick and accurate test results without a big investment in laboratory equipment. New 2nd generation products include super-wideband signal generators, high-performance true RMS power sensor, ultra-low loss and high isolation electro-mechanical switches, and rack mount test solutions for ATE applications. Our PTE products, when combined with application-specific software, can significantly reduce test time and increase production throughput. All products include built-in user-friendly GUI for users without prior programming experience