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MCL April 04, 2014 Coaxial 2W Precision Fixed Attenuators Launch Coverage from DC – 40 GHz! The latest additions to our line of coaxial fixed precision attenuators expand frequency coverage from DC all the way up to 40 GHz!.

MCL March 31, 2014 Pocket-Sized Programmable Attenuators with USB, Ethernet, or RS232 Control Interfaces from 1 MHz – 6 GHz with accurate attenuation from 0 – 30, 60, or 90 dB in 0.25 dB steps.

MCL March 11, 2014 New Mini-Circuits SATCOM Product Guide Published in Print and Online! This 32-page publication features a full survey of components and assemblies for satellite and earth station systems with key performance parameters and more!

MCL March 5, 2014 Check Out Our Reference Design Index: Mini-Circuits Models Supporting Over 80 Integrated Circuits!  Mini-Circuits has created an online index of more than 80 integrated silicon reference designs and corresponding recommended Mini-Circuits models.

MCL March 3, 2014 Mini-Circuits is Proud to Sponsor Frequency Matters on an online video series bringing you technical content, industry news, and events in the RF and microwave world.

MCL  February 28, 2014 Coaxial 24-Way 0° Splitter/Combiner Covers Applications from 650 to 2200 MHz For your signal distribution needs in UHF, cellular, GPS, satellite communications, and more, Mini-Circuits has expanded our offering with the ZC24PD-222+ coaxial 24-way 0° splitter/combiner.

MCL  February 20, 2014 New 50Ω Hand-Flex Interconnect Cables – N-Type (F) Bulkhead Connector to SMA (M) covering DC – 12.5 GHz with excellent return loss and 8mm bend radius for layout flexibility in tight spots!

MCL  February 18, 2014 Mini-Circuits Adds ETHERNET CONTROL to Our Full Line of RF Switch Matrices covering DC – 18 GHz.  Control signal paths via USB or Ethernet!.

MCL  January 15, 2014 FREE HIGH-ACCURACY SIMULATION MODELS Partnership with Modelithics gives customers free, advanced simulation models for over twenty Mini-Circuits LTCC filters and surface mount attenuators.

MCL  January 10, 2014 4 New Ceramic, Low-Noise MMIC Amplifiers Hermetically Sealed and Nitrogen Filled for high reliability in tough environments

MCL  December 30, 2013 New Coaxial 4 Way 0° Resistive Power Splitter/Combiner covers applications from DC to 8400 MHz with good VSWR, low amplitude and phase unbalance, and rugged, shielded construction!

MCL  December 18, 2013 Two New Tiny, Ultra Wideband Surface Mount Transformers covering 20 to 4500 MHz with low insertion loss, low amplitude and phase unbalance, and 0.4W power handling!

MCL  December 12, 2013 New Wideband, 2 Way 180° Surface Mount Splitter/Combiner provides low amplitude and phase unbalance, low insertion loss, high isolation, 0.5W power handling, and frequency range from 500 – 3000 MHz!

MCL  December 06, 2013 New Tiny Surface Mount High Pass Filter Low insertion loss and high rejection for 700 to 3000 MHz passband

MCL  December 04, 2013 New Ultra-Low Noise, High IP3, Tiny MMIC Amplifier 0.38 dB NF and 35 dBm OIP3 in tiny a 2x2mm case covering 50Ω applications from 0.4 –3.0 GHz!