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MCL March 23, 2015 Ultra-Low Noise MMIC Amplifiers, 1.1 to 4 GHz! Mini-Circuits’ new PMA2-43LN+ MMIC amplifier provides 0.46 dB noise figure performance with RF input power handling up to +22 dBm, +32.9 dBm OIP3, and 19.9 dB gain, perfect for low noise Receiver Front End applications!

MCL March 20, 2015 MMIC Ultra-Wideband 2-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner Covers 1.8 to 12.5 GHz! New model EP2C+ MMIC 2-way 0˚ splitter/combiner provides extremely wideband coverage with 1.1 dB insertion loss, 16 dB typical port-to-port isolation, and input power handling up to 1.85W as a splitter in a tiny 4 x 4mm package!

MCL February 19, 2015 New Pocket-Sized Smart Power Sensor Offers USB and Ethernet Control! Mini-Circuits’ new PWR-8GHS-RC power sensor provides -30 to +20 dBm dynamic range for applications from 1 to 8000 MHz with the convenience of USB and Ethernet control!

MCL January 22, 2015 Rugged, Coaxial Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier Covers a Variety of Applications from 0.4 to 3 GHz ZX60-P33ULN+ low noise amplifier provides 0.38 dB noise figure, input power handling up to +22 dBm, and high dynamic range in a rugged, connectorized package.

MCL January 16, 2015 Ultra-Wideband 50W Directional Couplers Support Applications from 0.5 to 18 GHzMini-Circuits’ ZUDC series of ultra-wideband directional couplers offers 3 models with your choice of 10, 20, and 30 dB coupling. All models provide excellent coupling flatness, good directivity, and DC current passing up to 3A from input to output.

MCL January 09, 2015 Ted Heil succeeds Harvey Kaylie as the second President in Mini-Circuits' forty-six-year history Mini-Circuits is very pleased to announce that Ted Heil, Mini-Circuits Vice President and Chief Operations Officer has been appointed as President.

MCL January 06, 2015 4-Way Quadrifilar Power Splitter Provides Precise Phase Offsets from 600 to 1000 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new SCQA-4-13+ surface mount 4-way quadrifilar power splitter/combiner provides 4 channels with 90˚ phase offset, 1.2:1 typical VSWR, power handling up to 1W as a splitter and 20 dB isolation between ports.

MCL December 24, 2014 Miniature Low Pass Filter Provides Pass Band from DC to 1520 MHz with Sharp Rejection RLPF-1520+ low pass filter provides 1.2 dB pass band insertion loss and 31 dB stop band rejection in a miniature, shielded package.

MCL December 22, 2014 Surface Mount Band Pass Filter Covers 68 to 76 MHz Pass Band with Wide Stop Band Rejection SXBP-72+ narrow bandwidth band pass filter is specially designed to cover avionics and air traffic control applications with low pass band insertion loss and excellent stop band rejection up to 4000 MHz.

MCL December 15, 2014 Tiny Surface Mount Directional Coupler Supports 75Ω Applications from 5 to 2000 MHzMini-Circuits’ new TCD-16-23-75X+ surface mount directional coupler supports 75Ω applications with low mainline loss and RF input power handling up to 1W

MCL November 25, 2014 New Surface Mount Band Pass Filter Covers 435 to 535 MHz Pass Band with 5W Power Handling Mini-Circuits’ new RBPF-485+ surface mount band pass filter provides low pass band insertion loss, high rejection across wide stop band frequency range, and high power handling for marine and military aircraft communications..

MCL November 20, 2014 High-Power 4-Way 0˚ Splitter/Combiner Handles RF Input up to 100W from 500 to 2800 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new ZB4PD-282-50W+ 4-way 0˚ splitter/combiner handles up to 100W RF input power as a splitter with low insertion loss and low phase and amplitude unbalance.

MCL November 18, 2014 Connectorized 50/75Ω Matching Transformer Provides Low Matching Loss from DC to 2300 MHz Mini-Circuits’ new Z7550-NMNF+ provides 0.5 dB matching loss and can pass up to 5A DC current from input to output.

MCL November 10, 2014 Tiny LTCC Band Pass Filter Covers 4400 to 5200 MHz Pass Band BFCN-4800+ provides 1 dB pass band insertion loss, 25 dB stop band isolation, and up to 1.5W input power handling in a tiny, ceramic package.

MCL November 05, 2014 Low Cost 2-Way 0˚ Surface Mount Splitter/Combiner Covers 5 to 1200 MHz for 75Ω Systems Mini-Circuits’ new CDP-2-122-75+ provides 0.8 dB insertion loss, 20 dB matching return loss, 0.4 dB amplitude unbalance,  and 3˚ phase unbalance.

MCL November 03, 2014 Wideband Surface Mount Limiter Covers 20 to 4000 MHz and Input Power from +10 to +37 dBm Mini-Circuits RLM-43-5W+ provides 33ns recovery time, 12 dBm output power and 0.36 dB insertion loss, supporting many hi-rel military and commercial applications.

MCL October 28, 2014 High Power MMIC Amplifier Covers 869 to 2170 MHz with Output Power up to 30 dBm New model GVA-91+ provides 20.4 dB gain and high power added efficiency, optimized for cellular and LTE application bands.

MCL October 23, 2014 Tiny LTCC Diplexer Provides Low Insertion Loss, High Rejection and 2W Power Handling LDP-1050-252+ covers pass bands from 1 to 1050 MHz and 1650 to 2500 MHz housed in a tiny ceramic 1206 package with excellent thermal stability, reliability and repeatability.

MCL September 25, 2014 Ultra-Wideband Monolithic Amplifier Covers 0.01 to 12 GHz with Excellent Gain Flatness Mini-Circuits new GVA-123+ provides ±0.7 dB gain flatness over 0.05 to 8 GHz and excellent repeatability in a tiny SOT-89 package, supporting a wide range of applications.

MCL September 12, 2014 USB/Ethernet 2SP4T Switch Matrices Mini-Circuits’ RC-2SP4T-A18 provides two SP4T switches in one compact case with USB and Ethernet control options. User-friendly GUI software, DLLs for programmers, and all accessories come included for immediate use right out of the box!

MCL September 10, 2014 Mini-Circuits Publishes Custom Rack Mount Test Equipment Guide New 52-page, full color publication showcases a wide selection of Mini-Circuits’ custom rack-mount test solutions, the capabilities they offer, and some of the applications they currently serve.

MCL September 03, 2014 Dual Matched MMIC Amplifier Achieves High Dynamic Range and +68.4 dBm IP2 Mini-Circuits MGVA-63+ MMIC amplifiers are ideal for suppressing unwanted intermodulation and second harmonics in many wideband amplifier applications

MCL August 07, 2014 Microwaves & RF Recognizes Mini-Circuits for Excellence in Custom Solutions Mini-Circuits named runner-up for Best Custom Solutions in the Microwaves & RF 2014 Best of Industry Awards!

MCL August 05, 2014 LTCC Low Pass Filter Family Provides Pass Bands up to 13.25 GHz in Tiny 0603 Packages Mini-Circuits new LFCW-family of LTCC low pass filters provides pass bands up to 13.25 GHz and handles power up to 12 Watts!

MCL July 31, 2014 Class-AB Amplifier Delivers 100W Output Power over Low Frequencies from 400 kHz to 5 MHz Mini-Circuits new LZY-5+ amplifier provides a combination of high power and low frequency performance with 52.5 dB gain, +58 dBm IP3, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.

MCL July 9, 2014 New 100W Coaxial Amplifiers Support High Power Applications from 3000 – 4000 MHz Mini-Circuits ZHL-100W-43+ and ZHL-100W-352+ Class-AB unconditionally stable amplifiers provide 100W saturated output power with 50 dB gain, ±1.5 dB gain flatness, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.

MCL July 8, 2014 Class-A Amplifier Provides 2W Output Power Across 700 to 2700 MHz Mini-Circuits ZVE-2W-272+ connectorized amplifier combines 2W output power with wideband performance, meeting your needs from satellite communications to line-of-sight transmitters and more!

MCL July 2, 2014 Tiny Wideband Double Balanced MMIC Mixers Provide High Isolation over 2200 – 7000 MHz with +15 dBm LO power, low conversion loss over broad frequency range, and high IIP3 in a tiny 4 x 4 x 1mm package.