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MCL October 23, 2014 Tiny LTCC Diplexer Provides Low Insertion Loss, High Rejection and 2W Power Handling LDP-1050-252+ covers pass bands from 1 to 1050 MHz and 1650 to 2500 MHz housed in a tiny ceramic 1206 package with excellent thermal stability, reliability and repeatability.

MCL September 25, 2014 Ultra-Wideband Monolithic Amplifier Covers 0.01 to 12 GHz with Excellent Gain Flatness Mini-Circuits new GVA-123+ provides ±0.7 dB gain flatness over 0.05 to 8 GHz and excellent repeatability in a tiny SOT-89 package, supporting a wide range of applications.

MCL September 12, 2014 USB/Ethernet 2SP4T Switch Matrices Mini-Circuits’ RC-2SP4T-A18 provides two SP4T switches in one compact case with USB and Ethernet control options. User-friendly GUI software, DLLs for programmers, and all accessories come included for immediate use right out of the box!

MCL September 10, 2014 Mini-Circuits Publishes Custom Rack Mount Test Equipment Guide New 52-page, full color publication showcases a wide selection of Mini-Circuits’ custom rack-mount test solutions, the capabilities they offer, and some of the applications they currently serve.

MCL September 03, 2014 Dual Matched MMIC Amplifier Achieves High Dynamic Range and +68.4 dBm IP2 Mini-Circuits MGVA-63+ MMIC amplifiers are ideal for suppressing unwanted intermodulation and second harmonics in many wideband amplifier applications

MCL August 07, 2014 Microwaves & RF Recognizes Mini-Circuits for Excellence in Custom Solutions Mini-Circuits named runner-up for Best Custom Solutions in the Microwaves & RF 2014 Best of Industry Awards!

MCL August 05, 2014 LTCC Low Pass Filter Family Provides Pass Bands up to 13.25 GHz in Tiny 0603 Packages Mini-Circuits new LFCW-family of LTCC low pass filters provides pass bands up to 13.25 GHz and handles power up to 12 Watts!

MCL July 31, 2014 Class-AB Amplifier Delivers 100W Output Power over Low Frequencies from 400 kHz to 5 MHz Mini-Circuits new LZY-5+ amplifier provides a combination of high power and low frequency performance with 52.5 dB gain, +58 dBm IP3, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.

MCL July 9, 2014 New 100W Coaxial Amplifiers Support High Power Applications from 3000 – 4000 MHz Mini-Circuits ZHL-100W-43+ and ZHL-100W-352+ Class-AB unconditionally stable amplifiers provide 100W saturated output power with 50 dB gain, ±1.5 dB gain flatness, and extensive safety features for outstanding reliability.

MCL July 8, 2014 Class-A Amplifier Provides 2W Output Power Across 700 to 2700 MHz Mini-Circuits ZVE-2W-272+ connectorized amplifier combines 2W output power with wideband performance, meeting your needs from satellite communications to line-of-sight transmitters and more!

MCL July 2, 2014 Tiny Wideband Double Balanced MMIC Mixers Provide High Isolation over 2200 – 7000 MHz with +15 dBm LO power, low conversion loss over broad frequency range, and high IIP3 in a tiny 4 x 4 x 1mm package.