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You already know that these are just some of the ways that Mini-Circuits components add value to your assemblies. But did you also know that consecutive, annual purchases from Mini-Circuits add value to your budget, too? It’s all part of our commitment to bringing you the best value in the industry. Through our one-of-a-kind Partner Program, you’ll have the opportunity to receive pricing discounts based on lifetime purchase volume.
Only Mini-Circuits offers discounts based on lifetime purchase volume.*

How the program works* :
With the Partner Program, all of your past purchases add-up to earn a higher base quantity and correspondingly lower prices on the quantity you purchase now (see graph).
   Here is how we do it* :
Our computers are programmed so that each consecutive year you purchase a quantity of a particular Mini-Circuits model (blue bar), those quantities are automatically added-up. The price you pay today (green bar) is based on the cumulative total of all your previous annual purchases of the particular model plus your current purchase of that model1 (red bar). You can enjoy a lifetime of base quantity discounts on all of our catalog models and many of our custom products. At the end of each year, a statement for all your model base points will be available.

How to join the Partner Program
The program is available, at no cost or obligation, to qualified customers. Simply make a purchase from Mini-Circuits or any Mini-Circuits authorized representative and we’ll take care of the rest.
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  *Mini-Circuits Partner Program Terms and Conditions