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  Product Change Notice

Mini-Circuits makes every effort to maintain the life of our products to exceed the customer’s system life. Product longevity is part of our commitment to quality, reliability and outstanding customer support.

Mini-Circuits company policy is to maintain products for as long as possible using EOL as a last option.  We are still manufacturing and selling products that were introduced more than 40 years ago.

Similarly, our policy is to avoid changes to fit, form and function that would require PCN notification, even when performance changes are seen in supplied materials.  Often, such changes can be absorbed in our products by adjustments to internal design or manufacturing.   We issue PCN’s when such shifts cannot be accommodated.  Sometimes supplier changes will affect only 1 part while in other situations they may impact a larger group of products.

Timing of PCN notifications is based on several factors, including when we receive such notice from our suppliers, when we detect a shift and our current stock situation.  There are times that we can provide notification months in advance of the change, but there are also situations that arise because of conditions outside our control.

When these changes occur, we understand the impact on customers, and as such we take change management of any of our products very seriously. We treat our customers’ need for advance notification with the highest importance and realize the attention to detail required in managing any such change, and we have structured our internal processes around these needs.

Product Change Notices for specific part numbers are linked to the Dash Board for the model

Quality Management Principles

Your Account Manager is your primary point of contact for any questions regarding product change. Additionally, our quality and product teams are available to support you and your organization with any concerns or challenges that arise due to product change.