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Rack-Mount Solid State Switching Systems

High-Performance Solutions for Production Test & More

Leverage Mini-Circuits’ full range of high-performance solid-state switches to simplify your production test racks, integrating your required switch configuration within a convenient rack-mountable chassis with a single Ethernet / USB control interface. Popular configurations are available from our catalog without special development effort, and custom systems are available on request. Our novel daisy-chain interface can also be included, enabling multiple switch racks to be stacked so that all control is managed through a single software interface.

  • Popular configurations available from catalog
  • Affordable custom designs with fast turnaround
  • USB & Ethernet control
  • Daisy chain multiple solid-state switch racks via serial In/Out connection
  • Integration with programmable attenuation and other functions available

Solid-State Racks | USB / Ethernet / Daisy-Chain | 8 GHz

Model Name Switches Frequency(MHz) Rack Height Connector Control
Type Count Low High Type Panel
ZT-24SP2T-63VH SPDT 24 600 6000 4U N-type Front & Rear USB & LAN
ZTS-32SP2T-63VH SPDT 32 100 6000 5U SMA Front USB & LAN
ZTS-16SP4T-63H SP4T 16 10 6000 2U SMA Front USB & LAN & Daisy-Chain
ZTS-1SP8T-63 SP4T 1 10 6000 1U SMA Front USB
ZTS-6SP8T-63R SP8T 6 10 6000 3U SMA Rear USB & LAN
ZTS-8SP8T-63 SP8T 8 10 6000 4U SMA Front USB & LAN
ZT-320 SP8T 30 1 6000 4U SMA Rear USB & LAN & Daisy-Chain
ZTS-1SP16T-83R SP16T 1 1 8000 1U SMA Rear USB & LAN
ZTS-1SP80T-63H SP80T 1 10 6000 2U SMA Front USB & LAN & Daisy-Chain