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Custom Assemblies

Much More Than Catalog Products

A Rich History of Custom Integrated Assemblies

Mini-Circuits has a well established history of supporting customers in custom integration to achieve highly functional systems and sub-systems.

Leveraging our wealth of standard components, our application and systems engineers work directly with customers at the engineering level, up front and early in the development process following our method of design definition to provide both the customer and Mini-Circuits with a proven framework to define requirements accurately ensuring a successful development effort. The following examples illustrate the range of capabilities.

Signal Generator Assemblies
Signal Generator Assemblies
Micro Controller 3 Output Synthesizer
A fixed Frequency synthesizer including a micro controller that keeps the frequency locked within the range of 1050 to 1450 MHz.
1050 to 1450 MHz
FM Modulated Synthesizer
8 GHz synthesizer including a internal crystal reference oscillator with modulation input port for FM modulation of the carrier frequency. Features include 20 ms settling time.
8000 MHz
Clock Generator Module
Features 11 Controlled outputs that maintain a tight phase and amplitude unbalance (2deg & 1 dB)
10 MHz
Signal Splitters and Distribution Systems
Signal Splitters and Distribution Systems
3-Way GPS Signal Splitter
Active GPS, 1545 ‐ 1605MHz, three-way splitter for use in synchronizing base stations. Features 5dB, 0dB, and 0dB on each respective output port. Powered from outputs drawing 10mA and passing 100mA to the input with integrated, diode short-circuit protection on all outputs.
1445 to 1605 MHz
300 Watt Rack Mounted Base Station Combiners
High-power, rack-mounted combiners. Features three integrated, low-loss,0.3dB high-power combiners with combined rating of 80 & 100 Watts and a total of 240 & 300 Watts per module. For use in 900MHz & 1900MHz cellular and PCS base stations
900 to 1900 MHz
41 Way Base Station Synchronization Splitter
41-way unbalanced splitter for reference signal, 14 -16MHz, base station synchronization. Features losses between 14dB and 26dB with integrated, low-pass filters that reject 800 – 2000MHz by 30dB and 40dB isolation between outputs ports.
14 to 16 MHz
Emergency Location Signal Monitoring Module
Provides signal monitoring for emergency location services. Designed with six, separate 10dB couplers, one for each sector of the base station with a low loss of 0.8dB, all mounted in ½ U rack-mounted case.
Multi-Function Base Station Module
Multi-functional module combining 6 manually controlled attenuators, 6 cellular band splitters and a GPS splitter which provide signal conditioning and control for 900 MHZ base stations Attenuators have 4 discrete steps between 3 dB and 30 dB allowing for adjustments
900 MHz
KA Band Ultra Small 4 Way-0° Splitter
Satellite communications four-way splitter, supporting KA band 13.5 to 14.5GHz with insertion loss of 1.5dB, isolation of 20dB, and an ultra-small footprint of 0.25” x 0.25”.
13.5 to 14.5 GHz
Frequency Convertor Module
Frequency Convertor Module
VHF/UHF Integrated Receiver Front End
Tunable over the range of 100 to 450 MHz, this module includes an integrated X4 LO Multiplier and 70 dB input gain control to operate over a dynamic range set by 4 dB noise figure and input IP3 of +40 dBm.
100 to 450 MHz
Integrated High Dynamic Range Active Mixer
Integrated, LO and IF amplifier mixer assembly with high output IP3<31dBm, requiring LO drive of only 0dBm and providing gain of 9dB. For use in GSM 900 and 1800MHz base stations.
900 to 1800 MHz
Integrated Vector Control Module
Integrated Vector Control Module for use in Military and Commercial Aircraft Communications covering 118 ‐ 137 MHz. This module consists of 3 I/Q Modulators/Demodulators, 1 active with conversion gain of 13 dB, while all have performance of >30 dBc carrier rejection, with (2 deg.) phase unbalance and .3 dB amplitude unbalance.
118 to 137 MHz
Integrated L Band Up Convertor
Satellite Communication Up Converter module, which converts IF frequencies of 40 ‐ 180 MHz to L-Band output of 950 ‐ 1750 MHz while suppressing spurs of > 65dBc over the entire L-Band Frequency. Features phase noise of >100 dBc/Hz at 100kHz offset and an ACPR of -55 dBc. Incorporates monitoring ports for L-Band and IF, as well as a Mux-Tee that allows combining of 10 MHz reference and DC to be placed on the L-Band Signal.
950 to 1750 MHz
Amplifier Switch Filter Assemblies
Amplifier Switch Filter Assemblies
Base Station Switch Matrix
Active reference signal switch matrix for base station synchronization. Features two inputs feeding any one of four inputs. 3dB of gain and 60ns switching speed. Supports threshold detection with alarm function and manual bypass mode.
Amplifier Switch Filter Matrix
Amplified switch filter matrix creating three discrete bands (.01 ‐ 20, 20 ‐ 1000, and 1000-2000MHz) from a single composite band. Features 25dB of gain control, gain flatness over each band of ±0.5dB, and 40dB isolation between each band. For use in military
.01 to 20 MHz
20 to 1000 MHz
1000 to 2000 MHz
Variable High Gain Amplifier Module
A broadband Amplifier module covering 500 - 2000 MHz having a very high gain >60 dB with gain control of 31.5 dB in 0.5dB increments. It has a noise figure of 2.8dB while giving an output IP3 of >30 dBm. This product is ideal for a variable stage following the LNA in a Cellular, PCS and DCS Base stations as well as wideband receivers.
500 to 2000 MHz
Cell Band Dual high IP3, Low Noise Amplifier
Dual Low Noise Amplifier module featuring two amplifiers with a noise figure of 1.1 dB, high output IP3 of +32 dBm and integrated manually controlled attenuators. Attenuators can be configured for up to 24 states with a minimum ½ dB attenuation up to 12dB. The supply voltage is supplied via an RJ45 connector, which allows for ease of installation. This module was designed for use in the front end of a Cell Band (824-849) base station
824 to 849 MHz
Automatic Power Control Module
A wide band module, available in two frequency bands 2 to 30 MHz & 30 to 3000MHz. The module monitors power and generates a DC voltage which is proportional to the input signal level. Power output control is achieved by feeding the generated DC Voltage to control the internal digital step attenuator, which has 5 Steps: 5, 10, 15, 20 & 31. The module features an insertion loss of 2.0 dB max.
2 to 30 MHz
30 to 3000 MHz
CDMA-IS95 Baseband Frequency Filter Module
CDMA-IS95 baseband frequency filter module. Features three, low-pass Bessel filters with a passband of 1-630 Khz, ripple of 0.5 dB peak-to-peak, absolute group delay of 410-435 nanoseconds, and 44dB rejection at 1.86MHz
1 to 630 MHz