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As part of our commitment to provide you with information that adds value to your work, Mini-Circuits is continuously producing articles and application notes on specific uses of our products in customer systems. Our complete library of technical articles and application notes is available below for public use as an open reference for the RF engineering community. If you need information on a topic you don’t see here or you require additional technical support, we can help. Contact apps@minicircuits.com to talk with one of our engineers for answers.

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AN60-010 Biasing of Constant Current MMIC Amplifiers (e.g. ERA SERIES)
AN60-038 Definition of terms, Q&As
AN60-033 Enhanced Linearity in the HELA-10 Power Amplifier
AN60-028 ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-4XSM
AN60-029 ESD Sensitivity Testing of Mini-Circuits ERA-5XSM
AN60-044 GSM-EDGE Performance vs. Output Power (TAMP-960LN+)
AN60-046 GVA-81+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-047 GVA-82+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-048 GVA-83+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-049 GVA-84+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-031 Hand Soldering of MNA Amplifiers
AN60-009 High IP3, wide band, balanced linear power amplifier (HELA-10)
AN60-037 High Power Amplifier in a Multi-Tone Environment
AN60-050 HXG-122+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-051 HXG-242+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-039 Low Cost Very High IP3 Low Noise Amplifiers Cover 250MHz to 2300MHz
AN60-060 MAR-8ASM+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
AN60-018 MAR/RAM Kit Test Board Instructions for Use
AN60-059 MAV-11BSM+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
AN60-025 MAV Kit Test Board: Instructions for Use
AN60-045 Mini-Circuits Semi-Conductor Reliability and Quality Assurance
AN60-036 MMIC Test Boards: Instructions for Use
AN60-016 MNA, Low Profile, Low Cost, Fully Integrated Monolithic Microwave Amplifiers
AN60-024 New MAR-8A and MAR-8ASM Amplifiers
AN60-008 Operating precautions for RF Amplifiers
AN60-052 PGA-102+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-064 PGA-103+: Stabilizing Network
AN60-041 PHA-1+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-042 PHA-1+: TD-SCDMA Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-053 PMA2-162LN+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-054 PMA-545+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-055 PMA-545G1+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-027 Power Supply Transient Protection for MNA and VNA Amplifiers
AN60-063 PGA-105+: Stabilizing Network
AN60-057 PSA-545+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-061 RAM-8A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
AN60-062 RAM-6A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
AN60-034 Transient Protection of Darlington gain block amplifiers
AN60-004 Ultra-Linear 50W Amplifiers 20-512MHz (LZY-1)
AN60-005 Ultra-Linear 32W Amplifiers 500-1000MHz (LZY-2)
AN60-043 UMTS (WCDMA) Performance vs. Output Power (TAMP-242GLN+)
AN60-040 Understanding Noise Parameter Measurements
AN60-032 Uses and Advantages of "MERA" Dual Matched MMIC Amplifiers
AN60-030 Using the Catalog Specifications to Determine MMIC Reliability
AN60-065 VNA-28A+ Replacement Part Ref. Guide
AN60-058 YSF-322+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power
AN60-067 Semiconductor Die Ordering and Packaging Information
AN60-068 ZHL-2-12+ PCN Report
AN60-069 ZHL-2+ PCN Report
AN60-070 ZHL-1042J+ PCN Report
AN60-071 ZHL-42+ PCN Report
AN60-072 ZHL-42W+ PCN Report
AN60-073 Application Note / Report for ZHL-4240+
AN60-074 Application Note / Report for ZHL-4240W+
AN60-075 ZHL-2-8+ PCN Report
AN60-076 Replacement Part Reference Guide, AVA-24+
AN60-077 Replacement Part Reference Guide, AVA-183+
AN60-078 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-6+
AN60-079 TVA-11-422A+ PCN Report
AN60-080 TVA-63-183A+ PCN Report
AN60-081 TVA-82-213A+ PCN Report
AN60-082 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-4+
AN60-083 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-2+
AN60-084 TVA-R5-13A+ PCN Report
AN60-085 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-7+
AN60-086 HPA-272+ User Manual
AN60-087 High-Dynamic-Range MMIC Amplifier Supports CATV Upstream and Downstream Applications
AN60-088 Replacement Part Reference Guide, MNA-5+
AN60-089 Replacement Part Reference Guide, VNA-28A+
AN60-090 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA1-242+
AN60-091 Replacement Part Reference Guide, DVGA1-242PP+
AN60-106 Flattening Negative Gain Slope with MMIC Fixed Equalizers

Document Number    Title   
ATT4-3 Frequently asked questions
ATT4-2 Introduction, definition of terms

Document Number    Title   
AN45-002 Line Stretchers Ease VCO Load-Pull Testing

Document Number    Title   
DOUB9-2 Introduction, definition of terms, Q&As

Document Number    Title   
MOD11-2 Introduction, definition of terms
MOD11-8 Most often asked questions

Document Number    Title   
LIM10-2 Introduction, Q&As
AN42-001 High Power Limiter Modules

Document Number    Title   
AN20-003 Super wide-band RF choke