RF, MW & mmWave Amplifiers

600+ Wideband Models & Growing
Gain blocks, low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, RF transistors, Class-A and Class-AB amplifiers, linear amplifiers, 75Ω CATV amplifiers, dual-matched amplifiers, variable gain amplifiers, pulse amplifiers and more!

New Products

Connectorized Amplifiers

Reliable, Wideband Performance up to 1.7 kW

Mini-Circuits wide selection of connectorized amplifiers are essential building blocks for your test setup. With hundreds of combinations of gain, noise figure, output power, linearity and other performance parameters, our amplifiers feature rugged designs with built in protections for high reliability and long life in demanding lab environments.

MMIC Amplifiers

Industry-Leading Quality & Selection Designed In House

30+ years of in-house MMIC design and packaging experience has made Mini-Circuits one of the industry’s top suppliers of MMIC amplifiers. Our amplifiers are fabricated using HBT and pHEMT processes on GaAs and offer outstanding wideband performance for a wide range of system requirements. With 300+ models in stock and world-class custom design capability, and quality that stands up to the most demanding conditions, chances are we have a solution for your system.

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