Try it before you buy it. Sample Mini-Circuits components for free!

EZ-Sample is Mini-Circuits' free, online sample request program for RF components. We offer a wide selection of our surface mount parts for free sample to support your product validation efforts and help you make an informed decision at no cost.

  • Over 1300 models available to sample for free!
  • Free shipping to over 200 countries
  • Sign in to your Mini-Circuits account or register to place your request online
  • Use the product categories below to browse eligible models

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available to sample!

Frequently Asked Questions about EZ Sample
Which Mini-Circuits products can I sample?

How do I submit a sample request?

How many samples can I request?

What if I can’t find the model(s) I want to sample online?

How do I track my EZ Sample shipment?

When will I receive my samples?

Can I expedite delivery?

Can I have samples shipped freight collect on my own FedEx or UPS account?

Who can I contact with technical questions regarding the samples I requested?

What are Mini-Circuits’ terms and conditions for EZ Sample?

*Maximum of 5 sample requests within any 30 day period
*Limited 1 request for the same part within any 30 day period
*For additional samples, contact our sales team at sales@minicircuits.com or find your local authorized sales representative