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Data Sheet Specifications for the complete test system
User Manual For hardware and GUI
Programming Manual Full programming instructions for USB/Ethernet control on Windows/Linux.
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USB and

Functional Description:

ZTM2-series systems allow you to configure hundreds of possible combinations of mechanical SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, and transfer switches, 2-way power splitter / combiners as well as custom component options available on request. All models are controlled via USB and Ethernet-TCP/IP (HTTP and Telnet protocols), allowing setup flexibility and easy remote test management. Contact Us

The system consists of 24 customizable hardware windows, each of which can be populated with your choice of:

SPDT mechanical switches (DC-18GHz) Data Sheet 18GHz › Test Data ›
Mechanical transfer switches(DC to 18GHz) Data Sheet › Test Data ›
SP4T mechanical switches (DC to 18GHz) Data Sheet › Test Data ›
SP6T mechanical switches (DC to 12GHz) Data Sheet › Test Data ›
SP8T mechanical switches (DC to 12GHz) Data Sheet › Test Data ›

Available on Request:


Switches up to 40 GHz

Configure and Quote

Populate each window of your test system by selecting from the 24 drop-down menus
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Bottom Row:

Your chosen test system configuration:
Top Row:
Slot Windows Content Model Number Frequency

Bottom Row:
Slot Windows Content Model Number Frequency

Included accessories:

Includes HT-Series
Tight Spot SMA Wrench
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  • USB control cable - 6.8 ft (USB-CBL-AB-7+)
  • Ethernet control cable - 5 ft (CBL-RJ45-MM-5+)
  • Full software & documentation (including GUI, DLL API files, user & programming manual)

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All units come supplied with Mini-Circuits’ user-frriendly GUI software, DLLs for 32- and 64-Bit Windows® systems, complete programming instructions for Windows and Linux® environments, a user’s manual, and all accessories needed for immediate use right out of the box. No drivers required; just plug and play! For firmware related issues or to obtain the latest firmware for your system, please Contact Us ›
CD Full software package, including GUI Program, DLL COM Objects 32/64 bit, Linux support, drivers and documentation Download ›
ModularZT.dll ActiveX COM object; recommended for 32 bit programming environments on Windows operating systems. Registration required in Windows using regsvr32. Download › Programming Guide ›
ModularZT64.dll .Net class library; recommended for 32/64 bit programming environments on Windows operating systems Download › Programming Guide ›
GUI / Interface User friendly graphical user interface for Windows operating systems Download › User Manual ›


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