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Data Sheet Specifications for the complete test system
User Manual For hardware and GUI
Programming Manual Full programming instructions for USB/Ethernet control on Windows/Linux.
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USB and

Functional Description:

ZTM-series systems may be outfitted with your choice of mechanical SPDT, SP4T, SP6T, SP8T, and transfer switches as well as programmable attenuators (0-30, 60, 90, 110, and 120 dB) resulting in hundreds of possible configurations. All models are controlled via USB and Ethernet-TCP/IP (HTTP and Telnet protocols), allowing setup flexibility and easy remote test management. Contact Us

Populate each of the customizable hardware slots from the choice of components below:

Mechanical SPDT
  DC-50 GHz
Mechanical Transfer
  DC-40 GHz
Mechanical SP4T
  DC-50 GHz
Mechanical SP6T
  DC-50 GHz
Mechanical SP8T
  DC-26.5 GHz
Programmable Attenuators 1-8000 MHz0-30 dB
1-6000 MHz0-110 dB
1-4000 MHz0-120 dB
50-3000 MHz0-63 dB, 2W

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Populate each window of your test system by selecting from the 12 drop-down menus

Your chosen test system configuration:
Slot Windows Content Model Number Frequency Connector

Included accessories:

Includes HT-Series
Tight Spot SMA Wrench
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  • USB control cable - 6.8 ft (USB-CBL-AB-7+)
  • Ethernet control cable - 5 ft (CBL-RJ45-MM-5+)
  • Full software & documentation (including GUI, DLL API files, user & programming manual)

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All units come supplied with Mini-Circuits' user-friendly GUI software, DLLs for 32- and 64-Bit Windows® systems, complete programming instructions for Windows and Linux® environments, a user's manual, and all accessories needed for immediate use right out of the box. No drivers required; just plug and play! For firmware related issues or to obtain the latest firmware for your system, please Contact Us ›
CD Full software package, including GUI Program, DLL COM Objects 32/64 bit, Linux support, drivers and documentation Download ›
ModularZT.dll ActiveX COM object; recommended for 32 bit programming environments on Windows operating systems. Registration required in Windows using regsvr32. Download › Programming Manual ›
ModularZT64.dll .Net class library; recommended for 32/64 bit programming environments on Windows operating systems Download › Programming Manual ›
GUI / Interface User friendly graphical user interface for Windows operating systems Download › User Manual ›
PROGRAMMING EXAMPLES Full software package, including GUI program, DLL COM Objects 32/64 bit, Linux support, drivers and documentation Download ›


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