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Mini-Circuits Awarded Best RF Supplier Distinction by SPDEI France

Brooklyn, N.Y. (May 5, 2022) - SPDEI, an association of electronic component distributors in France has recognized Mini-Circuits as Best RF Supplier in its 2022 award selection. SPDEI consists of 22 member firms including Milexia France SAS, which serves the French market as Mini-Circuits’ authorized sales representative and distributor.

Suppliers are nominated for awards in various categories by SPDEI member firms and selected by jury based on several criteria including strength of partnership, product offering, profitability and support for customers and sales affiliates. Milexia president, Pascal Gandolfini nominated Mini-Circuits as a candidate among several suppliers in the RF category based on 30 years of mutual success serving customers in the RF/microwave space.

Gandolfini commented, “Milexia was very pleased to sponsor Mini-Circuits’ candidacy for the award for best supplier of RF products. They’ve always provided products and support that our customers value, and I think many distributors wish they had more suppliers that extend the kind of partnership that Mini-Circuits does.”

Paul Wilson, Mini-Circuits’ global vice president of sales commented, “We’re honored by this recognition from SPDEI and our friends at Milexia. Our sales reps and distributors are an integral part of Mini-Circuits’ vision to be the partner of choice for our customers, and this award is great proof of the strength of our relationship with Milexia and our other partners around the world.”

About Mini-Circuits

Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY with design, manufacturing and sales locations in 30+ countries, Mini-Circuits makes the building blocks that shape the wireless world. From communications networks and critical national security systems to life-saving diagnostic imaging, quantum computing and much more, Mini-Circuits products support the world’s most innovative companies in building a faster, smarter, more connected future with the power of RF, microwave and millimeter wave technology. 20,000+ customers prefer Mini-Circuits for the demanding quality standards, design and manufacturing capability, sales and applications support, and supply chain stability that have earned the industry’s trust since 1968.

About Milexia

Milexia is a Pan-European leader in the value-added distribution and integration of high technology solutions in electronic components, timing systems, satellite communications and scientific instrumentation, making access to technology easier for customers. Through the expertise of our skilled engineers and the support of our manufacturer partners, Milexia proposes the right solution and delivers the right product at the right time. In addition to technical sales and distribution, a wide range of services including installation, maintenance, integration, and training make Milexia a complete solution provider and a source of value for suppliers and customers.