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Company Overview

The World's Preferred Supplier of RF/Microwave Products
Our mission is to provide our customers with products of superior value while promoting growth and prosperity for our members, suppliers, community and company.

Founded in 1968 by Harvey Kaylie, Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of RF and microwave components and integrated assemblies. With design, manufacturing and sales locations in over 30 countries, Mini-Circuits offers 27 product lines comprising over 10,000 active models. Mini-Circuits products are used widely in commercial, industrial, and military applications including: cellular wireless, aerospace, satellite, Mil-Spec, CATV/Broadband, RFID, test instrumentation, diagnostic imaging and many more. Over the last 50 years, demanding quality standards, innovative design capabilities, world-class customer service and long-term stability have made Mini-Circuits the preferred supplier to over 20,000 customers worldwide.


More than ever, we understand the impact of supply chain changes and product obsolescence on customers. That's why we treat product longevity as an integral part of our commitment to you. In fact, we're still manufacturing models that were introduced over 40 years ago! Our policy to maintain product support through the life of your system has earned the industry's trust for the last 50 years, and we remain committed to reinforcing that trust with continued stability for the next 50 years and beyond.


Recognized Industry Leader

We measure success on our ability to meet your requirements, exceed your expectations, and continuously improve every day. That goes beyond the performance and reliability of our products to the values that define our culture and keep us aligned with your evolving needs. That's why Mini-Circuits is consistently recognized as a top supplier by the world’s leading technology companies.


Preferred Partner Worldwide

Our commitment to you means building strong relationships on mutual success and working together as partners. Whether you need support with product selection, custom designs, logistics, or other special requirements, Mini-Circuits puts 50-years of experience and design expertise to work for you, so you can have peace of mind that you're choosing the right part for your system and right partner for your success.


Inspiring Change, Evolving Together

As the industry has evolved, Mini-Circuits has grown by embracing change, adapting to your needs, and innovating new solutions to keep pushing the wireless world forward. Looking ahead, we will continue our relentless pursuit of advanced technology, finding new opportunities for creative collaboration with customers and blazing new paths to create value and solve tomorrow's problems together.


Our guiding principles define our company culture and give us common values by which we make decisions, solve problems, and fulfill our commitment to quality excellence. They focus our efforts to realize our vision, achieve our mission and continue on our path of growth and success.