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Mini-Circuits Launches Power Amplifier Line for RF & Microwave Energy

BROOKLYN (July 19, 2021) - Mini-Circuits is excited to announce the launch of its new line of solid-state power amplifiers for industrial RF and microwave energy applications. The new amplifiers will support ISM bandwidths from 27 MHz to 5.8 GHz with power levels spanning 10W up to 25 kW.

The product launch marks a significant expansion from Mini-Circuits’ traditional customer base in commercial and military communications technologies into the growing market for systems that use RF and microwave signals for heating, drying, cooking, sterilization, non-invasive surgical techniques and many other emerging applications.

“We believe we’re filling a critical gap in the market for RF and microwave energy applications,” said Mark Murphy, Mini-Circuits’ global market manager for RF and microwave energy. “Existing product options are difficult to integrate and designers struggle with quality and supply chain reliability. We’re offering industry-leading performance and ease of use at a very competitive price, together with quality, supply chain expertise and application support from one of the most trusted names in the industry. We’ve received outstanding feedback from early users, and we’re excited to work with more customers to simplify their design efforts.”

The initial offering includes three new amplifiers and a signal generator / controller module to drive one of the amplifiers. All amplifier models are suitable for CW and pulsed signals and provide multiple interfaces for monitoring and control via I2C.

  • ZHL-2425-250X+ covers the 2.4 to 2.5 GHz ISM band with 300W saturated output power. This amplifier achieves 60% efficiency with 40 dB gain. It features built-in monitoring and protection for temperature, current, forward and reflected power.
  • ZHL-0027-1K7X+ operates at 27 MHz and delivers up to 1.7 kW output power. It provides 80% efficiency with 26 dB gain and features built-in temperature and current monitoring with emergency switch-off.
  • ZHL-002-075X+ is also a 27 MHz amplifier that divides and amplifies 1 input into 4 output channels with up to 19W power per channel. The amplifier achieves 55% efficiency and provides 16 dB gain at P3dB. It features integrated harmonic suppression and temperature compensated gate bias. I can be used alone or as a driver for 4 x ZHL-0027-1K7X+ amplifiers.
  • ISC-2425-57+ is a unique signal generator and controller module that provides plug-and-play integration with Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-2425-250X+ amplifier. The module provides up to +25 dBm output power and gives users high-resolution control of key RF parameters with a user-friendly GUI or comprehensive command language.

More designs for a variety of ISM bands and power levels are currently in development. Our design team is continuously prioritizing our product development roadmap based on customer demand. Visit our RF & MW energy page to learn more about Mini-Circuits’ solid state power amplifier models available now, and to contact us about a solution for your specific project requirements.


Mark Murphy
Global Market Manager - RF Energy
Mini-Circuits, Gebouw A
Transistorweg 7, 6534 AT, Nijimegen, The Netherlands