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Mini-Circuits, Modelithics Offer Free Full 3D Models for Ansys® HFSS™

BROOKLYN, N.Y. and TAMPA, Fla., June 24, 2020 - Mini-Circuits has partnered with modelling and simulation leader, Modelithics to offer full 3D models for Ansys HFSS for over 40 of Mini-Circuits' most popular LTCC filters. The models are now available for free download from the Modelithics website as a resource to customers in the simulation stage for new system designs. The companies plan further development of additional 3D models for HFSS on an ongoing basis.

Mini-Circuits has invested years of research and material characterization efforts to develop the most advanced modelling capability for LTCC products in the industry, consistently achieving first-spin agreement between simulations and measured results for lumped and distributed circuits up to 60 GHz. The free downloads for HFSS extend the benefits of Mini-Circuits’ proprietary design knowledge to system designers for PCB prototyping and system performance optimization on the industry-standard tool for 3D simulation of full-wave electromagnetic fields.

Mini-Circuits LTCC Product Line Manager, Aaron Vaisman commented, "We're thrilled to make our advanced modelling capability for LTCC parts available to customers through our longstanding partnership with Modelithics. These models are key to the speed and reliability of our own product development process, and I know they will be a great asset to customers using 3D simulations in HFSS to optimize performance and accelerate the design cycle at the system level."

Modelithics employed proprietary methods to further refine and fully validate the 3D models against measured results and extend usability for different substrates, substrate thicknesses, land patterns and materials. With this latest addition, the Modelithics Library now includes over 100 advanced models for Mini-Circuits parts including S-parameter data models, substrate scalable models, X-parameter data models and Ansys HFSS 3D models.

Mini-Circuits is pleased to sponsor Ansys HFSS 3D models for free download from the Modelithics Library as part of our commitment to providing best-in-industry resources and engineering tools for customers evaluating Mini-Circuits products for their designs.

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