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Rugged 100W Power Amplifier Module, 700 to 2700 MHz

14 October 2016 Mini-Circuits’ ZHL-100W-272+ is a high-power amplifier module capable of delivering up to 100W output power across its entire operating bandwidth from 700 to 2700 MHz. It provides 48 dB gain with 1.7 dB flatness, +50 dBm IP3, and 89 dB reverse isolation. The amplifier features built-in over-temperature protection and is able to withstand short or open loads while delivering output power up to 3 dB compression point. It operates on a 30V supply and comes housed in a rugged, aluminum alloy case with SMA-F to N-Type-F RF connectors, D-Sub 9 male connector, and a cooling fan.

This model provides comparable performance to Mini-Circuits’ self-contained 100W rack mount amplifier, HPA-272+, but in a space-efficient module (9.85 x 7.3 x 6.6”), allowing easy integration into your system layout. It’s an ideal choice for a variety of high-power test applications including EMI, reliability testing, and RF stress testing. The amplifier is also popular in test systems, such as HTOL, that require distribution of a test signal over multiple test channels to test multiple DUTs in parallel.

The ZHL-100W-272+ power amplifier is available off the shelf. Place your order online today and have it in hand as soon as tomorrow!