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Mini-Circuits Achieves Total Defect Rate Less than 3 DPPM for 3Q 2016

5 December 2016Continuous improvement is a central part of Mini-Circuits’ Quality Policy, and we have made strides in all areas of our business throughout the company’s forty-six year history. We are very proud to announce that Mini-Circuits has reached a new milestone, achieving a total defect rate of less than 3 defective parts-per-million (DPPM) over millions of units shipped in the third quarter of 2016. Company management reviews all customer returns on a quarterly basis, using DPPM as a key metric of our quality performance.

Mini-Circuits President, Ted Heil commented, “Thanks to the coordinated efforts of our members, our suppliers, and our management team, Mini-Circuits’ DPPM has followed a steady downward slope over the last few years, and this most recent report validates our commitment to quality excellence and continuous improvement throughout the organization.”

Mini-Circuits thanks our members and suppliers for their contributions to this success. We remain committed to continuous improvement, and we look forward to sustaining the world-class quality we have achieved in 2016 in the New Year.

About Mini-Circuits
Mini-Circuits is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of RF, IF and microwave components, subassemblies and test solutions for commercial, industrial, medical, space and military applications from DC to 40 GHz.