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Mini-Circuits Awarded Patent for Low-Cost mmWave Integrated LTCC Packaging Technology

BROOKLYN, (December 23, 2020) - Mini-Circuits has been awarded a new patent for a novel integrated LTCC packaging technology that provides a low-cost solution for millimeter-wave surface-mount components operating to 60 GHz and beyond. U.S. patent number 10,861,803 B1 was issued December 8, naming Mini-Circuits LTCC product line manager, Aaron Vaisman as the inventor.

The limitations of surface-mount packaging have posed a significant technical barrier to commercializing millimeter-wave applications with acceptable RF performance, size and cost. The new packaging technology, which supports both wire bonding and flip-chip assembly methods, gives chipmakers and system designers an option to build millimeter-wave components and systems at production volume without compromising on electrical performance or cost.

“This innovation employs Mini-Circuits’ vast knowledge of LTCC technology, accumulated over more than 20 years of design experience, to create an entirely new packaging topology,” said Mr. Vaisman. “We’ve been refining the processes and proprietary material compositions over the last three years to achieve the results we’re seeing now.”

The technology will benefit Mini-Circuits’ ongoing expansion of its own MMIC product line deeper into the millimeter wave range. A new series of switches, fixed and digital step attenuators, mixers, samplers and baluns with operating frequency range up to 67 GHz is currently in development for release in 2021.

Customers interested in learning more about Mini-Circuits patented millimeter-wave surface-mount packaging technology can contact Mini-Circuits applications engineering at apps@minicircuits.com.