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MAV Kit Test Board: Instructions for Use

MAV Models are series of wide band amplifiers. They have different device voltages and currents (refer to catalog spec). The test board has been constructed in such a way as to make it useful for evaluating all the devices by suitable selection of bias resistor. This is done by soldering jumper wires across the specified dashed-line positions 1 to 5 shown in Fig.1.

Fig 1. Schematic of the Test Board MAV - TB


Follow these steps to use the Test Board. Figure 2 shows the layout.

  1. Solder selected MAV unit onto Test Board.
  2. Make DC connection by soldering jumper wires in accordance with the table, depending on the selected MAV model. All other positions should be open.
  3. Calibrate test setup.
  4. First, connect the RF output port of the test board to Network/Spectrum analyzer. Then, apply +10 V DC (10.2V max). Finally, apply RF input to the test board from Network Analyzer.
  5. Test Board has Insertion Loss due to the length of its lines, DC blocking capacitors and RF choke as shown below. Add this loss to the measured gain to get actual gain.
Fig 2. Layout of the Test Board MAV-TB