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GSM-EDGE Performance vs Output Power (TAMP-960LN+)

GSM-EDGE Drop-In Low Noise Amplifier Module

Mini-Circuits TAMP-960LN+ Ultra-low Noise Drop-In Amplifier Module is an ideal low noise amplifier for use in GSM-EDGE Base Station or Tower Mounted Low Noise Applications. THE TAMP-960LN+ provides an optimized combination of critical performance: Ultra Low Noise/High Dynamic Range/Input & Output Match/Unconditional Stability.

The High IP3 enables extremely low intermodulation and EVM distortion, making this an ideal high gain LNA for EDGE signals. The single state E-PHEMT based module provides typically 0.55 dB noise figure and +30 dBm OIP3 which translates to extremely linear performance in systems that require high dynamic range.

Measurement Setup

Summary Data

IQ Polar Plots vs Output Power

System Reference

+5 dBm

+10 dBm

+12 dBm

+13 dBm

+14 dBm