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PMA2-162LN+: LTE Performance vs. Output Power

LTE Base Station MMIC Amplifier

Mini-Circuits PMA2-162LN+ High Dynamic Range and Super Low Noise MMIC Amplifier is designed specifically for applications which require low noise and high linear performance, advanced digital communications systems such as LTE which require excellent ACLR suppression and low EVM.

The E-PHEMT based PMA2-162LN+ provides typically +29 dBm OIP3 which translates to high linear performance in multi-carrier and complex signal environments such as LTE supporting ACLR_1 Measurements of better than -60 dBc at +0 dBm output.

The PMA2-162LN+ is characterized using a high peakto-average ratio OFDM signal used for next generation LTE within the 700MHz Downlink Band.

Figure 1 (PMA2-162LN+ Test Board)

DUT Configuration:
Device: PMA2-162LN+ Test board, R1=267 Ohm
Supply Voltage: 4V, 54 mA
Temperature: 25°C
Note: All data is referenced to the PCB connectors

Test Signal:
LTE FDD Downlink (2009-3)
Full filled 64 QAM, 10MHz (50 RB)
Fc = 700 MHz

Measurement Setup

Summary Data

Table 1 Data of ACLR and EVM vs. Output Power
Figure 2 ACLR Plot at Output Power of +10.07 dBm
Figure 3 EVM Plot at Output Power of +10.07 dBm