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Wideband Amplifier with Positive Gain Slope
Dec 08, 2023 | Amplifiers
Mini-Circuits' ZX60-R5183P+ positive gain slope amplifier is a perfect gain block for wideband systems where losses inevitably increase with frequency.

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A Helping Hand: Providing Affordable Components for Student Research at Pace University
Dec 06, 2023 | Mini-Circuits Life
Helping Universities support their students us something we at Mini-Circuits are passionate about. Our University Outreach program enabled Pace University Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Analee Miranda to get everything she needed for a radar project she was conducting with her students.

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A Brief Overview of Phased Array Systems
Nov 30, 2023 | Amplifiers
In the nearly 12 decades since its invention by Ferdinand Braun, phased array antenna technology has a staple in the development of in 4G/5G communications, electronic warfare, radar, and advanced imaging applications to name a few. This article begins with an overview of the evolution of phased array systems through history. The basics of their operation in both analog and digital domains is provided, and a brief survey of common and emerging applications is given by way of example.

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