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Kit Cox Finds Professional and Personal Fulfillment at Mini-Circuits Japan
Apr 18, 2024 | Mini-Circuits Life
Kit Cox's adventure from the U.S. to Japan is a beautiful blend of work and culture. At Mini-Circuits Japan, she navigates the exciting challenges of being a field applications engineer while immersing herself in the Japanese way of life. See how Kit's passion for Japan led her to a fulfilling career and a new home.

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Mini-Circuits Acquires CATV Amplifier Business from Analog Devices
Apr 15, 2024 | Featured
Mini-Circuits, a leading global supplier of RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave components announced today that it has acquired the CATV amplifier business from Analog Devices. The transaction includes Analog Devices’ portfolio of 75Ω GaAs and GaN amplifiers...

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Selecting VCOs for Clock Timing Circuits – A System Perspective
Apr 08, 2024 | Engineering Resources
Clock Timing, Phase Noise and Bit Error Rate (BER) Timing is critical in digital systems, especially in electronic systems that feature high-speed data converters and high-resolution sampling. A clock source is the “timekeeper” and the system performance depends upon the effectiveness of this component. For some system designers, implementing a clock source automatically means using […]

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