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Selecting VCOs for Clock Timing Circuits – A System Perspective
Apr 08, 2024 | Engineering Resources
Clock Timing, Phase Noise and Bit Error Rate (BER) Timing is critical in digital systems, especially in electronic systems that feature high-speed data converters and high-resolution sampling. A clock source is the “timekeeper” and the system performance depends upon the effectiveness of this component. For some system designers, implementing a clock source automatically means using […]

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Wideband MMIC Variable Gain Amplifier
Apr 04, 2024 | Amplifiers
The PVGA-273+ low noise, variable gain MMIC amplifier features an NF of 2.6 dB, 13.9 dB gain, +15 dBm P1dB, and +29 dBm OIP3. This VGA affords a gain control range of 30 dB with a control voltage of -0.7 to 2.0V.

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Our Team in India Gives Back to Their Community with the MEPZ Run
Mar 25, 2024 | Mini-Circuits Life
Our team in India participated in the annual MEPZ Run, an event that promotes environmental consciousness in one of the country’s oldest export processing zones. Over 400 of our team members ran for the cause to keep both themselves and their environment healthy and thriving!

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