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A Brief Overview of Phased Array Systems
Nov 30, 2023 | Amplifiers
In the nearly 12 decades since its invention by Ferdinand Braun, phased array antenna technology has a staple in the development of in 4G/5G communications, electronic warfare, radar, and advanced imaging applications to name a few. This article begins with an overview of the evolution of phased array systems through history. The basics of their operation in both analog and digital domains is provided, and a brief survey of common and emerging applications is given by way of example.

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Mini-Circuits Deer Park Comes Together to Share International Cuisine
Nov 30, 2023 | Mini-Circuits Life
Our company celebrates the cultures and the people that come to us from all over the world. Our facility in Deer Park, Long Island recently celebrated multi-cultural food day, where team members prepared food and ate, laughed, and made memories with their fellow coworkers.

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Five Epic Rock & Roll Singles for Your RF & Microwave Playlist!
Nov 22, 2023 | Mini-Circuits Life
From the lips of rock and roll heroes to your speakers through all the Mini-Circuits parts in between, here are five tunes for the newly minted RF & microwave playlist.

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