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Wideband Bias Tees
Sep 30, 2022 | Product Updates
As we expand our product line higher into the millimeter-wave range, we're adding more high-frequency components to the lineup to support your entire signal chain. Our wideband bias tees in MMIC surface mount and coaxial formats are ideal companion parts for amplifiers operating at frequencies up to 54 GHz. These models provide excellent RF power and DC current handling with high isolation and low insertion loss over their full operating bandwidths.

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Linearity – Cascaded P1dB and IP3 for a Simple Microwave Front-End
Sep 30, 2022 | Amplifiers
This installment of our Every Block Covered series reviews basic cascade analysis for linearity parameters P1dB and IP3 (input and output) in a simple microwave front end chain. Step-by-step calculations will be shown using Mini-Circuits components for illustration.

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Emergency Preparedness Month at Mini-Circuits
Sep 28, 2022 | Industry Insights
September is Emergency Preparedness Month, and Mini-Circuits welcomed our friends from NYC Emergency Management to our headquarters in Brooklyn to share valuable information on planning for hurricanes and other emergencies. Events like this are part of our absolute commitment to ensuring the safety of our team and the resilience of our organization.

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