Test Solutions - Software & Documentation Resources

Documentation Type Version Link Description / Instructions
Quick Setup Guide OR How to connect and get started with Mini-Circuits' software controlled test systems
Programming Examples & Troubleshooting Guide B3 General examples and troubleshooting steps for a range of programming environments
Software Support App Note AN-49-001 OR Software Support Available for Mini-Circuits Portable Test Equipment Models
VISA App Note OR Instructions for controlling Mini-Circuits Test Equipment Using VISA
FAQ & Troubleshooting - Software 8-May-17 Frequently asked questions on working with Mini-Circuits software API
FAQ & Troubleshooting - LabVIEW 8-May-17 Frequently asked questions on working with Mini-Circuits software API in LabVIEW
FAQ & Troubleshooting - Hardware 8-May-17 Frequently asked questions on working with Mini-Circuits test equipment

Product Family Format Supported Models / Series
Modular Test Systems Rack-Mount & Benchtop ZTM, RCM
Programmable Attenuators (Single & 4-Channel) Benchtop RUDAT, RCDAT, RC4DAT, ZVVA
Programmable Attenuator Assemblies (Multi-Channel) Rack-Mount ZTDAT, ZTMN
Mechanical Switch Boxes Benchtop RC, USB
Solid State Switches Benchtop USB-H Series / USB-SP4T-63
Solid-State Switch Assemblies Rack-Mount ZTS
2 x n Switch Matrices Rack-Mount ZTVX
Custom Switch Assemblies Rack-Mount ZT
Power Meters Benchtop PWR
Integrated Frequency Counter & Power Meters Benchtop FCPM-6000RC
Frequency Counters Benchtop UFC-6000
Signal Generators Benchtop SSG
USB to I/O Control Boxes Benchtop USB-I/O
RS232/USB to SPI Converters Benchtop RS232/USB-SPI, RS232/USB-SPI-N
Evaluation Boards Digital step attenuators, VCOs, synthesizers

All products are shipped with the latest available firmware and an update is usually not required. Mini-Circuits occasionally makes firmware update files available as a courtesy to add additional features or correct known issues. Please contact testsolutions@minicircuits.com for details.