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Medium Power Amplifier
Dec 01, 2022 | Amplifiers
Mini-Circuits’ new ZVA-02653G+ high-frequency amplifier achieves extremely flat gain response over its entire operating bandwidth from 2 to 65 GHz, allowing wideband measurements with minimal adjustments to your test setup. Its medium power output makes it ideal for RF port extension or as a broadband LO driver amplifier, among other applications.

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Everything You Need to Know about Product Marking Methods
Nov 30, 2022 | Engineering Resources
Device marking and identification is key to many aspects of customer use from quality assurance to assembly processes. Learn about the different product marking methods used for Mini-Circuits products, comparative advantages and disadvantages, and their impact on product change notifications.

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I&Q Mixers, Image Reject Down-Conversion & Single Sideband (SSB) Up-Conversion
Nov 30, 2022 | Engineering Resources
I&Q mixers are the central component of single sideband up-converters and image reject down-converters in superheterodyne transmitters and receivers. This brief introduction provides an overview of the theory and operation of I&Q mixers and a detailed explanation of their function in up- and down-conversion applications.

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