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Integrated Frequency Counter & Power Meters - Software & Documentation Resources

Resource Version Download Description / Instructions
GUI Setup Package A3 Latest version of the GUI application software for Windows
Full Software Package A3 Latest version of the full software package: Windows GUI, ActiveX / .NET DLLs, documentation
.NET DLL Aug 01, 2019 Recommended API for USB control from a Microsoft Windows PC supporting the .Net framework.
No DLL registration required.
  • .Net 4.5 and above: mcl_pm_NET45.dll
  • Earlier .Net versions: mcl_pm64.dll
  • ActiveX DLL Jan 17, 2016 Legacy API for USB control from a Microsoft Windows PC where the .Net framework is not supported. DLL must be registered using RegSvr32.
    User Guide A Instructions for the setup and operation of Mini-Circuits' integrated frequency counter & power meters (hardware & software)
    Programming Manual A5 Full programming instructions for automation via a range of control methods:
  • Ethernet control API using HTTP / Telnet (all operating systems)
  • USB control API for Microsoft Windows (.Net / ActiveX DLLs)
  • USB control via Direct Programming (Linux)
  • Programming Examples Search Examples... Search and download examples for a range of languages (including Python, LabVIEW, C#, VB & MatLab)