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Waveguide Bandpass Filters

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Waveguide filters are RF filters that use hollow, conductive metal structures to carry RF signal. The geometry of the waveguide structure determines which frequencies are passed and which are rejected. Waveguide filters are used as a practical solution at in microwave and millimeter wave bandwidths because they are capable of carrying these high frequency signals with very low loss and because the short wavelength of high frequency signals allows waveguide structures of relatively small size.

Mini-Circuits has partnered with Virginia Dioeds to develop a new line of waveguide bandpass filters for millimeter wave applications. Our offering includes a selection of models with passbands spanning 27 to 56 GHz. Incorporating standard WR-12, WR-15 and WR-28 waveguide interfaces, all models provide very low insertion loss (1 dB typ.), and high stopband rejection (40 dB typ.).

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