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RF Filters

RF filters are passive devices used to allow the passage of signals within a specific, desired frequency range while blocking unwanted signals or interference outside of the desired band. Mini-Circuits offers one of the industry's widest RF filter selections including band pass filters, low pass filters, high pass filters, band stop filters, diplexers and triplexers. Our filters cover passbands from DC to 40 GHz, supporting many applications including WIMAX, WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS and SatCom, and many more. Mini-Circuits' RF filters are offered in coaxial connectorized, surface mount, MMIC die, and waveguide interfaces. In addition to our extensive catalog of parts available off the shelf, Mini-Circuits has decades of experience developing custom RF filters for customers with special requirements.

Mini-Circuits is an industry leader in RF filter design, employing a wide range of filter topologies and technologies. Our current filter technology portfolio includes lumped element, LTCC ceramic, microstrip, ceramic resonator, cavity bandpass filters, suspended substrate, patented MMIC reflectionless filters, and rectangular waveguide filters. Each technology offers unique capabilities and advantages and may be employed depending on the user's requirements.

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