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Frequency Counters - Software & Documentation Resources

Resource Version Download Description / Instructions
GUI Setup Package A5 Latest version of the Windows GUI application
Full Software Package A5 Latest version of the full software package: Windows GUI, ActiveX / .NET DLLs; documentation
ActiveX DLL Aug 10, 2014 ActiveX COM object for automation via USB (Windows PCs), must be registered using regsvr32
.NET DLL Oct 27, 2020 .NET class library for automation via USB (Windows PCs)
Programming Manual A2 Full programming instructions for automation via a range of control methods:
- USB control using the ActiveX / .Net DLLs (Windows)
- USB control using USB interrupts (Unix / Linux / Windows)
User Guide A User manual for setup and operation of the power sensor hardware and software
Programming Examples May 12,2019 Programming examples for a range of programming environments Please also review the Programming Examples & Troubleshooting guide