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Modular Test Systems - Software & Documentation Resources

Model Family Description
ZTM Series The software links below are recommended for all ZTM models and ZT models based on the ZTM modular platform. A firmware update may be required in some cases.
An older version of the software, compatible with certain ZTM models supplied up to 2023, can be found here if preferred.
Please contact testsolutions@minicircuits.com to review compatability.
ZTM2-32, ZTM2-34 or later
ZTM2-xSPnT models (2023 or later)
The software links below can be used with most ZTM2 models supplied since 2023.
For other ZTM2 models, please click here.
Please contact testsolutions@minicircuits.com to confirm compatability.

Resource Version Download Description / Instructions
GUI Setup Package X10 GUI application software for Windows. Supports all ZTM and ZTM2 models
.NET DLL 2021-08-01 Recommended API for USB control from a Microsoft Windows PC supporting the .Net framework.
No DLL registration required.
  • .Net 4.5 and above: mcl_ZTM2_NET45.dll
  • Earlier .Net versions: mcl_ZTM2_64.dll
  • ActiveX DLL 2019-12-05 Legacy API for USB control from a Microsoft Windows PC where the .Net framework is not supported. DLL must be registered using RegSvr32.
    User Manual A Instructions for the setup and operation of Mini-Circuits' modular test systems (hardware & software)
    Programming Manual B4 Full programming instructions for automation via a range of control methods:
  • Ethernet control API using HTTP / Telnet (all operating systems)
  • USB control API for Microsoft Windows (.Net / ActiveX DLLs)
  • USB control via Direct Programming (Linux)
  • Programming Examples Search Examples... Search and download examples for a range of languages (including Python, LabVIEW, C#, VB & MatLab)

    All products are shipped with the latest available firmware and an update is usually not required. Mini-Circuits occasionally makes firmware update files available as a courtesy to add additional features or correct known issues. Please contact testsolutions@minicircuits.com for details.