RF Test and Measurement Solutions

Software controlled building blocks for automation of lab and production test environments.

  • Flexible switch arrays and matrices
  • Single & multi-channel programmable attenuators
  • Low cost signal generation & measurement products
  • USB & Ethernet control
  • Full software support including GUI and API
  • Custom solutions with fast turnaround times
Test Systems
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Rack Mounted
Test Systems

Simple, Reliable, Affordable and FAST! What sets Mini-Circuits' test solutions apart is our building-block approach to developing custom test equipment for each customer's unique requirements. Our experience successfully lowering costs and improving efficiency in applications from R&D to high-throughput production testing has reinforced our customer-centric process for designing and building custom assemblies with a focus on economy, reliability, and fast turnaround.

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 CONTACT US Reconfigurable Switch Systems
Model Height Description Photo
ZT-4SP8T-12 3U 4x MSP8TA-12-12D+
ZT-12SP4T-18 4U 12x MSP4TA-18+
ZT-12SP6T-12R 4U 12x MSP6TA-12+ (Rear Panel)
ZT-166 4U 10x MSP4TA-18+, 1x MSP2TA-18XL+
ZT-196 4U 12x MSP6TA-12+
ZT-252 5U 5x MSP6TA-12+, 6x MSP2TA-18XL+, 4x ZN2PD2-63-S+
ZTM-201 5U 8x MSP6TA-12+, 3x MSP4TA-18+, 1x MSP2TA-18XL+

 CONTACT US N x M Switch Systems
Model Number Description Details
ZTVX-10-18-S 2 x 10 Port Switch Matrix, DC-18 GHz
ZTVX-16-18-S 2 x 16 Port Switch Matrix, DC-18 GHz
ZT-150 Multi-Function VNA Port Expander, DC-18 GHz
ZT-175 6 x 8 Non-Blocking Switch Matrix, DC-12 GHz
ZT-177 4 x 4 Blocking Switch Matrix, 400-6000 MHz
ZT-20X6NB 20 x 6 Non-Blocking Switch Matrix, 600-6000 MHz
ZT-24X8B 24 x 8 Blocking Switch Matrix, 600-6000 MHz

 CONTACT US Multi-Channel Attenuation Systems
Model Number Description Details
ZTDAT-Series Multi-Channel Attenuation Systems, DC-6 GHz, 0-95 dB

 CONTACT US Mesh Network Test Systems
Model Number Description Details
Overview N-Port Mesh Network Systems
ZTMN-0495SA 4 Port Mesh Network Test Drawer
ZT-211 Custom 6 Port Mesh Network Test Drawer

 CONTACT US Solid State Switch Matrices
Model Number Description Details
ZTS Series Panel Mounted Solid State Switch Matrices
ZT-24SP2T-63VH 24x SP2T Switch Chassis, 100 dB isolation, 4W power, 100-6000 MHz

 CONTACT US Signal Distribution Assemblies
Model Number Description Details
ZT-104 16-Way Active Splitter, BNC,10 MHz
ZT-201 20x2-Way Splitter Array, Type N, 350-6000 MHz
ZT-207 6x 2-Way Splitter Array, Type N/SMA, 350-6000 MHz
ZT-208 4x 4-Way Splitter Array, Type N, 380-4600 MHz
ZT-246 16x 2-Way Splitter Array, SMA, 350-6000 MHz

 CONTACT US High Temperature Operating Life (HTOL) Test Systems
Model Number Description Details
HTOL-700-2700 80-Channel HTOL Test System, 700-2700 MHz
HPA-272+ 100W Rack Mount Amplifier
ZT-10HPS-272 100W 10-Way Splitter Chassis
ZT-184 40 Channel Splitter Panel
HTOL-2500-6000 80-Channel HTOL Test System, 2500-6000 MHz
HPA-100W-63+ 100W Rack Mount Amplifier
ZT-20HPS-63-S+ 100W 20-Way Splitter Chassis

 CONTACT US Panel Mounted Structures
Model Frequency (MHz) Height Description Photo
ZT-182 DC - 6000 4U 48x N-N Adapters (4-Rows)
ZT-184 600 - 6000 3U 10x ZN4PD1-63LW-S+ (4-Way Splitter) (SMA)
ZT-222 350 - 6000 3U 20x ZN2PD2-63-N+ (2-Way Splitter) (S-Port on Rear) (N-Type)
ZT-223 350 - 6000 4U 20x ZN2PD2-63-N+ (2-Way Splitter) (S-Port on Front) (N-Type)
ZT-226 DC - 6000 2U 24x N-N Adapters (No Handles) (2-Rows)
ZT-229B 50 - 100 2U 16x Z99SC-62-S+ (2-Way Splitter) (SMA)
ZT-230 50 - 100 2U 8x ZFDC-10-1-S+ (10dB Coupler) (SMA)
ZT-240 DC - 6000 4U 36x N-N Adapters (3-Rows) (Mounting Brackets)
ZT-240BK DC - 6000 4U 36x N-N Adapters (3-Rows)
ZT-245 300 - 1000 1U 1x ZC8PD1-10+ (8-Way Splitter) (SMA)
ZT-255 500 - 8500 2U 8x ZX10-2-852 (2-Way Splitter) (SMA)

 CONTACT US CATV (75Ω) Test Solutions
Model Number Description Details
ZTVX-8-75-N 2x 8 Port Switch Matrix, 5-2500 MHz
ZTVX-12-75-N 2x 12 Port Switch Matrix, 5-2500 MHz
ZT-241 4x 4-Way Splitter, BNC, 5-500 MHz
ZT-249 CMTS Diplexed Test Box, F-Type, 5-1218 MHz

 CONTACT US Custom Test Systems
Model Number Description Details
ZT-228 4x Wi-Fi Diplexing Amplifier (2400-2500 & 5700-5900 MHz)
ZT-188 Wireless Base-Station / Handset Test Station (1600-2300 MHz)
ZT-254 Switched Filter Bank (1000-3000 MHz)
ZT-234 High Power (100W) Switched Load (1-3000 MHz)
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